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Blockchain Australia announces association in NFT project of Gold & Silver Standard in attempt of creating NFTs backed by real-life assets

Blockchain Australia is thrilled to announce our latest association with Gold & Silver Standard, the company that is causing havoc in the fiscal world by shrinking the huge gap between physical and digital assets. Our founder and CEO, Ralph Kalsi,…

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Blockchain Australia becomes the best blockchain and crypto consulting firm of 2022, at the Australian Enterprise Awards by APAC Insider

Blockchain Australia is one of the pioneering blockchain consulting and development firms of Australia that develops customised and creative blockchain solutions for a diverse set of clientele in the ever-expanding market and multi-sector implementations of the technology. Our primary goal…

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Blockchain Australia announces official VC affiliation with fully decentralised IDO launchpad platform, SolanaPrime

We are pleased to announce that Blockchain Australia is now an official VC partner of SolanaPrime, the most resource-efficient mainstream market ecosystem. Together, they aim to develop their own businesses even further and in turn, bring more revolutionary advancements into…

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Blockchain Australia , welcomes Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, founder of eminent Decentralised VC, Sheesha Finance, as an advisor and new investor

Blockchain Australia is honoured to announce that Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, the founder and CEO of the highly acclaimed decentralised venture capitalist firm, Sheesha Finance, very recently joined hands with our managing director and CEO, Ralph Kalsi, and will be…

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Ralph Kalsi, interviewed by 4ZZZ News about Blockchain and more

Blockchain Australia is thrilled to report that Ralph Kalsi, the company’s managing director, was recently profiled by the eminent community radio station of Australia, 4ZZZ, where he spoke in depth about the revolutionary technology blockchain and its exciting use cases…

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Blockchain Australia announces collaboration with DeFi mutual funds company Sheesha Finance

Blockchain Australia partners with Sheesha Finance, a UAE-based DeFi mutual funds organisation, with the aim of commercialising DeFi ventures and helping DeFi markets gain international attention. Blockchain Australia’s major goal has always been to revolutionise industries, economies, and in turn,…

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Response to BAO Notice 2021

This announcement is drafted in response to the disappointing announcement from (“BAO”) titled “Notice of Member Disciplinary Resolution” (“The Announcement”). Blockchain Australia is the registered holder of a Trademark to Blockchain Australia as well as the owner of the…

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Blockchain Australia named the Best Blockchain Development Consultancy in 2021 by APAC Insider

Blockchain Australia wins the title of the best Blockchain Development Consultancy of 2021 in the highly acclaimed Australian Enterprise Awards organised by the prestigious APAC magazine. APAC Insider is an esteemed magazine of Australia; home to the very best news,…

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How the National Blockchain Roadmap is Guiding Us Towards a Blockchain-empowered Future

Blockchain technology continues to provide new opportunities across multiple sectors, enhancing the economy through the introduction of new jobs, more streamlined processes and more ways to save money. The digital data that underpins blockchain is so powerful, that it’s predicted…

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Blockchain 2020 Industry Leaders | Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia have continued to advocate their success in blockchain solutions at Blockchain 2020 in Melbourne, Victoria. Blockchain 2020 was an exciting event for Blockchain Australia , as event partners and as attendees. The conference was held at the Investment…

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National Blockchain Roadmap Australia – Meetup Discussion 2019

The Blockchain Australia team was excited to be invited to the National Blockchain Roadmap Industry Consultation on October 14th 2019 as a recognised blockchain developer and company providing blockchain solutions. This was a two part event that consisted of meeting…

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Blockchain Australia Press Release: Dairy Australia Presentation

On Wednesday, July 17th, Internal Blockchain Australia CEO Ralph Kalsi and CTO Nadeem Shaikh presented a webinar for the Diary Australia Manufacturing Workforce relating to ‘Blockchain in action’. The presentation covered what blockchain technology is, how it’s adopted and how…

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Blockchain Australia – Consensus Conference 2019

The Consensus Conference is an annual global blockchain gathering held in New York that brings together enthusiasts, developers and proponents of blockchain technology and adoption. It’s a forum in which the global blockchain community can discuss the pressing issues facing…

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We are active members of the blockchain community

Since 2016, the Blockchain Australia team has been working passionately behind the scenes to bring this emerging technology to the world. We’re committed to serving and exploring blockchain’s ever-expanding market, and identifying and leveraging new opportunities as they arise. So it’s no surprise that you’ll find us at the latest blockchain or emerging technology event.

October 14, 2019 | Canberra

National Blockchain Roadmap

The annual industry reception for the Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain will be held at Parliament House on the evening of October 14th.The industry reception will allow members of the blockchain sector to meet with the Parliamentarians who will determine regulation for our sector.  The event will also feature the induction of new Fellows of Blockchain Australia.

January 8, 2019 | Sydney

Consensys blockchain consortium

BAS’ involvement in the conference and what they got out of it (e.g. topics covered by the event, whether they held any talks, which companies and speakers they connected with).

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Whether it’s an end-to-end blockchain solution for your business, or you need blockchain consulting services to determine where and how our blockchain services can power your business forward, contact Blockchain Australia to discuss your business’ needs.

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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia