A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology? Overview/History A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that publicly records transactions made in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The first major

Blockchain Centrelink


Will Blockchain Resolve Centrelink Disbursement Bugs?

Blockchain tech looks set to be explored by the Australian Government- namely the digital division responsible for delivering welfare payments across the country. To Australians requiring fi

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts


Smart Contracts are set to decommission dodgy landlords- here’s how. Ah, the rental market. It is deeply flawed, and yet it absolutely thrives across the country. For decades, renters and


Is Blockchain the Key to Minimising Risky Outbreaks?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was the main source of information on any updates made available about the threats posed by the Ebola outbreak when it hit in 2014. Alongside the Centers



Blockchain: Alleviating Humanitarian Crisis?

When we think about businesses that Blockchain technology will reform, we probably think about energy sourcing, supply and demand, maybe polling booth security.  A refugee camp based in the

Travel Insurance


Blockchain Tech Will Make You Fall in Love With Your Insurance Company. Here’s Why

Hands up if you feel like understanding blockchain tech is less fun than slamming your fingers in a drawer? (We’d expect to see a solid show of bandaged hands.) The reality is, the complic

Smart Contracts - Cryptocurrency


Smart Contracts Are Set To Shake Up The Major Sectors. Here’s Why

In its relative infancy, you might have found it difficult to source information about Blockchain that separates it from cryptocurrency- and while the two are historically enmeshed, they can

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