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Blockchain Australia – Consensus Conference 2019

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The Consensus Conference is an annual global blockchain gathering held in New York that brings together enthusiasts, developers and proponents of blockchain technology and adoption. It’s a forum in which the global blockchain community can discuss the pressing issues facing blockchain technology, demonstrate its progress and talk about its future. The Consensus Conference is one of the most coveted digital asset events of the year and is attended by leading industry start-ups, financial institutions, academics, tech experts and policy groups. In 2018, the Consensus Conference was heavily centred around the shift from blockchain investment and conjecture to development and implementation.

It also addressed scalability concerns in the emerging market that related to issues plaguing ICO’s and fraud. The 2018 conference was also heavily focused on realising the potential of institutional investment and how this kind of participation could accelerate blockchain development and adoption.

As a national blockchain leader, Blockchain Australia attended the 2019 Consensus Conference in New York City. Despite only deciding to attend the week prior, the Blockchain Australia team have benefitted greatly from being on the front line of blockchain development and having the opportunity to network with the industry’s biggest names.

The 2019 conference outlined the unprecedented growth blockchain technology has seen in just a year. This, in part, can be attributed to the investment and contribution of corporate giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Deloitte, who continue to spearhead large-scale blockchain implementation. This year’s conference made clear that large players are positioning themselves in formidable market positions when it comes to emerging blockchain technology.

Another key take away from the 2019 Consensus Conference is the sustained dominance of cryptocurrency exchange. Despite a turbulent market which has been subject to downturns, crypto exchanges and trades have managed to thrive. This suggests that when it comes to crypto application, the simpler, the better. The more tangible the model of operations is, the more likely users and external providers are to understand and implement it successfully.

As a blockchain pioneer, the 2019 Consensus Conference was a transformative experience for the Blockchain Australia team. In particular, Blockchain Australian were able to establish meaningful connections with leading global innovators and regulatory bodies. Blockchain Australian meet and was recognised by ‘Austrade’, the Australian trade and investment agency that is dedicated to foreign affairs and trade. The team were able to meet senior trade commissioner Susan Corbisiero, who has been active in representing Australian blockchain businesses internationally.

Founder of Blockchain Australia, Ralph Kalsi engaged in productive discussions regarding the future of blockchain adoption in Australia and was able to foster meaningful relationships with notable digital leaders. These connections will prove especially significant as blockchain technology continues to gain traction in the Australian digital landscape.

CTO of Blockchain Australia, Nadeem Shaikh is an acclaimed blockchain architect that has been a keynote speaker at IBM’s global conference as well as a blockchain consultant for the Dubai government.

As an ardent proponent in national blockchain formulation and adoption, Blockchain Australia continues to lead the way in blockchain construction, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Australia is driven to provide consulting and enterprise solutions in this emerging digital space. Since its inception, Blockchain Australia continues to be an innovator in blockchain knowledge and consultancy. This position has further been cemented with the meaningful knowledge and partnerships fostered at the 2019 Consensus Conference.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia