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Gachyi Land

Rising MMORPG game Gachyi Land creates inclusive ecosystem with their super fun game, bringing profit-making opportunities to gamers and game designers

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The Challenge

For the longest time, the gaming industry has been ridden with a few glaring issues. One of those major ones is that the more exciting and/or challenging a game is, the more personal time the gamer is bound to put in it, without any scope of making enough money to compensate for the time invested. On top of that, the artists that design the characters, scenes, and everything else about a game neither get personal recognition, nor have any real opportunity of controlling their income from the games. These are the ones that got the founders of Gachyi Land thinking and they decided to come up with their own game to put an end to these, once and for all.

Gachyi Land came up with an entertaining and engaging massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on gacha systems and a play-to-earn premise whose major purpose is to reward its community for spending their valuable time on the game. Not only does its website serve as an NFT issuance platform for all games matching Gachyi Land’s theme and lore, but it also went on to become the first gacha launchpad to accept NFTs as a full-fledged long-term utility with cross-platform compatibility, which is amazing. In Gachyi Land, the players can either sell their NFTs for profits or hold them to earn rewards from the game without giving up their assets. In addition to all this, Gachyi Land is using Polygon for their NFT launchpad to reduce fuel costs as well as speed up transactions, providing a seamless experience to its players. 

On the other hand, Gachyi Land’s groundbreaking play-to-earn MMORPG has created a safe haven for artists as well. The game and token designers with Gachyi land get all the infrastructure, network, technology, and resources that they require to express their talent and acquire the attention they need and deserve. What’s more, Gachyi land’s NFT launchpad allows even other artists and projects that are not affiliated with Gachyi Land to mint their NFTs here in a welcoming and community-focused environment, with full access to Gachyi Land’s supplies.

  • Play-to-earn model for gamers to make money from the game

    In the open economy created by Gachyi Land’s play-to-earn model, all players get 100% ownership and control over their in-game assets, along with several chances of being rewarded via both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

  • A platform for artists to showcase their work, earn recognition and make money

    Artists can use the resources of Gachyi Land to create NFT art to demonstrate on its platform. Plus its smart contracts make sure that all these original creators of their NFTs are identified, recorded, and given copyrights over all their designs in the game.

  • Several exciting opportunities to invest in NFTs and earn profits

    Along with buying and selling NFTs in the marketplace, the Gachyi Land game offers the players more reward-earning opportunities like participating in fights, adventurous expeditions for rare items, breeding, as well as huge land sales.

The Challenge

Despite having crystal clear visions from the start, while in the production process, Gachyi Land hit a snag. They needed an ironclad smart contract that was fully prepared because their network members came from all over the world. Finding a devoted and professional team of engineers who are proficient and experienced in both blockchain and NFTs, was an even harder difficulty for them. That is how they came to work with Blockchain Australia , and we were delighted to assist and guide them along the process.

The Solution

Gachyi Land found Blockchain Australia to be the ideal partner because, in addition to our capability to transform thoughts into comprehensive turnkey solutions, we have extensive expertise in the blockchain and NFT sectors. The managing director of Blockchain Australia , Ralph Kalsi, being one of the founders as well as the marketing and tech advisor of Gachyi Land, Blockchain Australia had been with Gachyi Land for the entire process – front-end and back-end development, providing full launch assistance, marketing, reviewing, and surveillance, as well as providing 24×7 customer service coverage for any concerns that arose later. We created a secure smart contract that could be utilized for all of their NFTs. Furthermore, Blockchain Australia ‘s own expert and certified lawyers provided crypto legal advice as well as full help for NFTs to get them up and running with no issues.

What Gachyi Land achieves

Turning valuable time and money spent on gaming into profits

Gachyi Land presents several opportunities for the players to earn huge money and rewards in the game. This turns the whole dynamic of gaming from being a waste of time to being an investment opportunity with high returns.

Artists having demonstration platform and recognition for their NFT art

Gachyi Land is the first platform to provide artists with the resources to create their own NFTs as well as a platform where they can showcase this art, while holding copyright over their design, thus being recognised.

Creating an inclusive environment for gamers and artists

Gachyi Land has opened its platform up for projects and artists that aren’t even associated with Gachyi Land. Their website allows anyone’s NFT to be minted and incorporated into their NFT games as utility tokens, when the NFTs match their theme.

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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia