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Blockchain Australia announces association in NFT project of Gold & Silver Standard in attempt of creating NFTs backed by real-life assets

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Blockchain Australia is thrilled to announce our latest association with Gold & Silver Standard, the company that is causing havoc in the fiscal world by shrinking the huge gap between physical and digital assets. Our founder and CEO, Ralph Kalsi, has joined their team of highly skilled professionals as the NFT Technical Director and has been assisting the company to really make a difference in the world of investments.

Working for years in the field of investments, the founders of Gold & Silver Standard detected a few scorching issues in the sphere. Despite their exceptional store-in worth and a consistent positive valuation, precious metals like gold and silver had no representation in the crypto world. What’s even worse is that NFTs, even with their exceedingly viable long-term assets, certification, were not allowed to be utilised as collateral by any regular lending organisation. This led the founders to build a company that put an end to these troubles.

Blockchain Australia has always had the vision of transforming enterprises and economies, as well as civilization overall, with our creative solutions rooted in disruptive technologies such as blockchain and its use cases like NFTs. We were more than happy to join the team of Gold & Silver Standard and contribute with our highly skilled blockchain and NFT development and marketing teams, as well as all forms of blockchain consultation to help them build the future they envisioned.

We are delighted to declare that our combined hard work paid off as Gold & Silver Standard successfully won over the investment community right after the NFTs came out. Their NFTs, Gold Silver Pirates, which are backed by real-world gold and silver bullions, were sold like hotcakes in just the first 24 hours of their drop. 

With the market security of gold and silver, not only will Gold and Silver Pirates never see a value drop to zero, but the inventors even devised a method of borrowing against said NFTs in order to obtain gold and silver interest. This increase in NFT investment stability will make shareholders breathe easier now while getting into the crypto field, which will also make the domain more inclusive of common citizens. This immensely productive collaboration between Blockchain Australia and Gold & Silver Standard is making us hopeful for a more inclusive and secure crypto future soon.

About Blockchain Australia :

Blockchain Australia is one of Australia’s leading blockchain consulting and innovation organisations. We offer legal, advisory, technical, and promotional solutions and booster services that are critical to the growth of any Blockchain or Crypto-based company. Our goal at Blockchain Australia is to help Australia construct an advanced technological future by laying the foundation for innovative technology adoption. We also provide blockchain training services to help Australians improve their local skills and experience, with the intent of turning Australia into one of the world’s most developed economies.

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About Gold & Silver Standard:

Gold & Silver Standard is an organisation that creates NFTs that are supported by real-world commodities such as gold and silver bullions, enabling this crypto asset to benefit from the durability of these rare metals. Gold or silver can be deposited in the Reserve Vault, Australia’s high-security vault, and Gold Silver Pirate tokens can be minted against them. The price of these tokens is defined by the company’s qualities, which are specified via a mathematical equation pre-determined by the firm.

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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia