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Blockchain development in the retail industry

The retail and wholesale industries are at the forefront of the blockchain revolution

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How the retail industry is adopting blockchain solutions

Blockchain technology in the retail sector is set to chain how retailers, customers, and suppliers interact. Businesses can use blockchain technology to provide more transparency over where their products are sourced. Retailers will be able to access customer data in real time, leading to faster shopping and improved customer insights. And e-commerce businesses can sleep better at night knowing their data and transactions are much more secure.

Our approach to working with clients in the retail industry

Blockchain Australia sees the potential that retail blockchain technology has to transform the sector, with a particular emphasis on ethical production and logistical efficiency. We work with you to understand your business’ processes, platforms, and systems, and determine where and how retail blockchain technology will streamline how you do business.

  • Unique solutions for seamless integration

    Wherever you are in the retail sector, we help you implement a unique retail blockchain solution for your business’ specific requirements. No cookie-cutter approaches here.

  • Objective advice for a better outcome

    We test your business’ requirements to determine where blockchain technology can enhance your processes—and whether you need it at all.

  • Access the world’s most powerful platforms

    We’re technology agnostic, so we create blockchain solutions using the protocol that’s going to serve you best.

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Examples of blockchain in the retail sector

Smarter contracts and payments

Self-executing smart contracts can automate your supplier contracts and payments, saving you time, and cutting out unnecessary third-party interactions.

Branded currency

Retail blockchain systems can underpin store-based branded currency in the form of coupons, gift cards, and customer loyalty cards, all stored on a unified, secure system.

Improved customer satisfaction

With retail blockchain technology in effect, e-commerce customers can track their purchases more accurately and effectively. Online auction websites can provide more certainty around customer payments.

Our approach

Blockchain technology in the retail sector is opening up a world of exciting opportunities and efficiencies. Here’s how we work with you to deliver a retail blockchain solution for your business.


We thoroughly analyse your business’ processes and systems, and discuss where and how your blockchain idea will integrate into your business processes.


We get to work developing a blockchain solution to meet your business’ needs, and facilitate your future adoption of more emerging technology.


We help get your project off the ground, by connecting you to our network of partners and technology investors.


We develop your end-to-end retail blockchain solution, and manage the project for you from start to finish.

Backed by our partners

While global borders are shrinking, our network continues to grow. When you work with Blockchain Australia you gain access to our global network of blockchain technology experts, allowing you to leverage a vast web of different skills, expertise, and potential funding opportunities to make sure your project is successful.

Protocol partners

Our clients

We’ve partnered with blockchain technology and retail sector experts to ensure our work gives you a competitive advantage.

Our proven track record

See the exciting blockchain solutions we’ve helped deliver for our clients.

Gold & Silver Standard

The Gold & Silver Standard

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gold & Silver Standard is bridging the gap between investments in physical assets like gold and silver, and virtual assets like cryptos and NFTs, with the help of Blockchain Australia’s masterful technology and expert guidance.

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Gachyi Land

Gachyi Land

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gachyi Land brings to life the first play-to-earn MMORPG game and NFT launchpad, creating an ecosystem based on gacha systems, with the help and support of the expert tech and legal team of Blockchain Australia .

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What our customers are saying

“We came in not knowing exactly what we wanted or needed, thankfully Ralph and his team were able to come up with a clear solution. Would highly recommend chatting to these guys, they took the time to understand my needs before trying to diagnose.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgeable and skilled who enabled us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain on our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgable in helping us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain for our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

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