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End-to-end management of your blockchain marketing strategy

Marketing your product is always tricky. You need to know the right channels to use, the right network to tap into, and the right way to present your product to the world.

At Blockchain Australia, we know your blockchain solution better than anyone. But we’re not just a blockchain development and consulting company—we’re also a full-service blockchain marketing agency. We work with you to develop a targeted blockchain marketing strategy that uses the right channels to reach the right audience, at the right time.

  • Education for your audience

    We help create marketing content that educates your audience, engages their interest, and shows them the value of your project. This is meaningful marketing.

  • A range of marketing packages

    As an experienced blockchain marketing agency, we know what works, and what won’t. We tailor our marketing packages to your business’ specific needs.

  • We manage your project, end-to-end

    Using our in-house blockchain marketing team means we can take your product from ideation, into marketing, and through to going live, in one seamless process.

Engage a professional blockchain marketing team

As Australia’s only end-to-end blockchain marketing agency, our team has the skills to create a tailored marketing strategy, whatever your budget allows for. But we won’t keep you in the dark. Our blockchain marketing consultants will work with you and bring you along the journey, ensuring you understand how we’re positioning your project, which marketing channels we’re targeting, and why.

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Our marketing services

STO Marketing

Don’t let your security token offering sink. We’ll create a targeted, intelligent STO marketing strategy that promotes your platform and generates interest in your offering.

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ICO bounty marketing

Marketing is one of the most important features of an ICO. Not only does it work to consolidate investor interest in your token but it...

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How we build your blockchain marketing strategy

Here are just some of the marketing methods and tools we use to help get your project out there.

Public relations and outreach services

As a blockchain development company, we know what investors want to hear. We use this to create powerful press releases that tell the story of your project, and demonstrate its future value. We also tap into our global network of investors, making them aware of your project and its potential, and get your project featured in the right publications.

Social media marketing

As digital natives ourselves, we’re experts in social media, and will develop a blockchain social media marketing strategy for your project. We’ll advise on which platforms will be best for your project, and create marketing written in the right voice, language, and tone that attracts the right investors.


We use a combination of search engine optimisation strategies to make sure your website makes a digital impact. After all, if you’re not on the first page of Google, then you may as well not be there at all. Our SEO experts will ensure that your website is optimised in such a way that your project stays front and centre of the people searching for it.

Google paid marketing

Google paid marketing gives your product competitive reach. You pay to have your ad placed on the front page of Google’s search results, and in other websites on the Google Display Network. You pay per click, but are casting a much wider net for your marketing.

Creative guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is about being sneakily creative, and marketing your product in avenues where your audience is, but don’t expect you to be. We can use non-traditional marketing methods across your entire marketing funnel to ensure your product gets noticed, starts discussions, and attracts the right attention.

Don’t rely on doing marketing yourself. Partner with Australia’s only full-service blockchain marketing agency.

Our network of technology partners

We connect you with our network of the world’s leading emerging technology experts, and enable you to take advantage of their skills and expertise to power your business forward. Coming together from different industries, with different backgrounds, we ensure you gain access to the support, strategy, and funding you need to make your project a success.

Protocol partners

Our clients

Whether you’re a startup looking to market your world-changing platform, or you’re an enterprise business after public relations support, we’ve got the skills, technology, and expertise to develop a blockchain marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Our proven track record

Just like you, these clients were all looking for a blockchain marketing agency that understood their needs. See how we helped them turn their ideas into success.

Gold & Silver Standard

The Gold & Silver Standard

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gold & Silver Standard is bridging the gap between investments in physical assets like gold and silver, and virtual assets like cryptos and NFTs, with the help of Blockchain Australia’s masterful technology and expert guidance.

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Gachyi Land

Gachyi Land

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gachyi Land brings to life the first play-to-earn MMORPG game and NFT launchpad, creating an ecosystem based on gacha systems, with the help and support of the expert tech and legal team of Blockchain Australia .

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Frequently asked questions

There are three big benefits to blockchain technology.


The data contained within each block in a blockchain network data is stored on computers and servers distributed all over the world, and only people on that network can access that data. For a transaction to be considered as a valid record, all nodes in the network must agree that it’s valid. So for a hacker to take control of a blockchain network, they would need to have control of at least 51% of all the computers within the network, which makes it exceedingly hard to hack.


The transparency of blockchain technology means you can see and access data at every point in a transaction. Whatever the transaction occurring, this means businesses can clearly identify any errors in their processes, and fix them practically in real time. As a peer-to-peer system, it cuts out any intermediary interactions, speeding up the transfer of information. And, as blockchain is built on code, this means that businesses can create automated processes that remove the need for manual input, removing any human error, and speeding up processing time even further.


The transparency and traceability of blockchain enables businesses to clearly demonstrate where their products are coming from. It allows transactions to be made safely and securely between users, without any third parties getting in the way. As such, it can effectively eliminate fraud, as every action and process is documented clearly, from start to finish.

As Australia’s only full-service blockchain marketing agency, we’re passionate about turning your emerging technology idea into a fully functional reality, whatever industry you work in. We work with the following types of clients to help bring your ideas to life.

Startups and founders

The early-adopters. The digital natives. The businesses that rely on innovative technology to thrive. We help you take advantage of blockchain to power your business forward.

Enterprise teams

Enterprise businesses shouldn’t be locked into old-fashioned ways of working. We provide blockchain solutions that are customised for your business, to help you lead your industry.

Investors and venture capital

Long-term growth doesn’t come without innovation. See the exciting potential that this emerging technology has to offer, and how you can get on board.

The length of your blockchain marketing strategy project really depends on what you need.

Developing a blockchain solution from scratch can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months, or up to 12 months for a larger project. We then need to factor in marketing and PR activities on top of that.

If you opt to use a Blockchain Australia white label platform, we can get your project off the ground within 4-6 weeks.

We’re technology agnostic when it comes to your blockchain development project, which means we’re not tied down to any one platform. We’ve partnered with a selection of the world’s most powerful platforms and technology stacks to deliver more options, and more opportunities, for our clients. This can have a big impact on your blockchain marketing strategy, and the types of audiences we aim to connect with.

Here are some of the technology stacks we currently support—with more coming in the future.

Blockchain frameworks


Programming languages


Frontend frameworks




Cloud platforms


While we won’t personally fund your project, we still have you covered. And it all starts with the solution we provide for your blockchain development project.

We determine the needs for your project, and then create a solution built on a protocol that’s going to be attractive to the right kind of investors. After all, IT-savvy investors know what technology is worth investing in, and what’s not.

As a blockchain marketing agency, we have an extensive network that helps you create connections with the right business, the right investors, and the right funds that are looking to invest in emerging technology. Our blockchain marketing strategies can get your project in front of the right people, and help you demonstrate its value.

We then create a targeted, professional blockchain marketing campaign. As Australia’s only end-to-end blockchain marketing agency, this is something that no other blockchain development company can do. So while we’re working on your project, we’re also creating the marketing and PR campaign that gets your name out there.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia