Best Blockchain Development Consultancy in 2021 by APAC Insider

How to harness business opportunities through blockchain

Check out our blockchain case studies to see how we helped these clients transform their emerging tech idea into a fully functional reality.

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Marhaba DeFi

Developing Ethical DeFi Platform, Marhaba

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How Music-X is shaking the foundations of the music industry


By turning the industry on its head and transforming digital content into digital assets, artists can maximise their revenue without intermediaries taking a cut. More connection, more collaboration and more control; Music-X music trading platform was built with the creators in mind.

  • Transparent transactions

  • Decentralised system

  • Streamlined processes to transfer music

  • Secure & reliable

  • Public chain to eliminate manipulation

  • Low transaction fees

  • Track provenance, copyright & ownership information

  • Easy to set up

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How AYERA is tokenising the art industry with Blockchain Australia™


With an existing art industry that’s accessible to just a handful of investors with large capital pools and industry connections, Ayera strives to bring a much-needed change built on the blockchain. An online marketplace for investors large and small that want to become a part of the exciting art ecosystem, Ayera is bringing inclusivity to the space through tokenisation.

  • Low transaction fee

  • Secure & reliable

  • Easy to setup

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Improving clinical trials with Certainty


Certainty is a software platform that transforms the clinical trials process, developing it into an ecosystem of connected stakeholders and unified workflows. By using a novel combination of established technologies to create an immutable record of all trial activity, Certainty adds a vital layer of verifiable transparency to the medical industry.

  • Automated transactions speed up processes

  • Real-time access to clinical trial data

  • Reduced costs for research practices

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Payscript creates a payment gateway for the future


Payscript wanted to deliver a cryptoprocessor that was able to overcome every common customer challenge—a payment gateway for the future. Operating on blockchain-based technology, the gateway does what most other platforms don’t and is built to accept cryptocurrency and convert it into regular currency.

PayScript simply offers a more efficient online payment solution.

  • Reduce fees and processing times

  • Creates a safer way to pay

  • Improve the payment process for all parties

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CanYa is reinventing recruitment with the CanYa freelance marketplace


More and more remote freelancers are enjoying the flexibility the gig life brings—but not always enjoying the volatility of the market. CanYa partnered with Blockchain Australia™ to build a product that would provide a safe, secure alternative in the rapidly expanding online gig economy.

CanYa connects businesses and freelancers using blockchain technology for the security the industry has been missing.

  • A decentralised marketplace delivers a streamlined process

  • Runs its own native currency, CanYa Coins

  • Provides enhanced security and peace of mind for all users

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Meet Bitlyra, the online marketplace running on digital currencies


Traditional online marketplaces are known to attract fraud; in a place where money is exchanged before goods are posted, it’s easy for risks to turn into reality. Bitlyra partnered with Australian Blockchain Solutions to build a product that would meet the evolving demands of online traders.

Bitlyra is the industry’s solution—providing a global online marketplace running on digital currency and bitcoin, that demands just 1% fees for sellers.

  • Safe, secure smart contracts power the platform

  • Instant cryptocurrency transaction

  • Sets the user up for the future of finance

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The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia ™