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Within an NFT marketplace, you will find various NFT platforms such as CryptoPunks or CryptoKitties that sell several unique NFT characters, each with their own rarity value that determines its selling price and holding power. This rarity can be assigned at creation or by game players minting rarer NFTs from existing NFTs that can generate higher revenue, especially in play-to-earn blockchain games.

Rarity tools help determine the rarity value of NFTs either personal or on the market, view its ranking and scores next to other NFTs of similar rarity for comparison, set floor prices and many more essential features you need to create highly scarce, sought-after digital assets.

Our range of NFT rarity tools offered

Blockchain Australia offers a selection of rarity tools that determine the rarity value and market data of NFTs based on our vast experience in tokenomics combined with steadily gathering metadata from blockchain transactions. We allow you to determine the rarity value and holding power of the NFTs linked to your own project as well as compare it to the leading players currently featured in popular NFT marketplaces such as Super Rare, OpenSea, NFTrade and more.

All the data you need a click away - Blockchain Australia
All the data you need a click away

We use a decentralised app (dApp) to evaluate both the overall rarity of your personal NFT collection as well as rankings and scores of individual NFTs, determine which can be minted into rarer NFTs to increase set price, and much more.

Compare and boost your NFTs - Blockchain Australia
Compare and boost your NFTs

Our rarity tools track popular collections in NFT marketplaces so you can compare rarity values to determine rebase amounts and ROI on your own collections, set floor prices and mint rarer NFTs. It’s as simple as connecting your crypto wallet to begin.

What information do you get from rarity tools?


The ‘ranking’ of an individual NFT is a measure of how rare it is compared to all the other NFTs in the same collection. By default, the rarity tool will sort NFTs in a collection from highest to lowest ranking, enabling you to view the rarest NFTs first.

Rarity score

The rarity score of an NFT is determined by its attributes on the blockchain, and a lower rarity score directly corresponds to a higher ranking. If an NFT shares fewer attributes with other NFTs, this makes it more unique and will contribute to a lower score, making it more rare.

NFT Traits

The attributes of an NFT are also known as ‘traits’ and are stored as information on the blockchain or a decentralised file service, corresponding to its unique token address. The rarity tools read traits from each token address to generate rankings and scores for each NFT.


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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

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