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Ralph Kalsi, interviewed by 4ZZZ News about Blockchain and more

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Blockchain Australia is thrilled to report that Ralph Kalsi, the company’s managing director, was recently profiled by the eminent community radio station of Australia, 4ZZZ, where he spoke in depth about the revolutionary technology blockchain and its exciting use cases like DeFi, NFT, and more.

Queensland’s oldest FM radio station, 4ZZZ, has been in the business for over 50 years. As a non-profit community broadcaster, they have been publishing alternative music, news, and culture. They work mainly in and for the Brisbane region to bring out the news that is often missed out on by the mainstream media, whether it’s music, art, technology, LGBTQIA+, First Nations, or local challenges. Their aim has always been to engage and empower local communities through community broadcasting. It is no surprise that 4ZZZ picked such an unconventional invention like blockchain and we are honoured to have helped them spread the word about the technology to a wider audience that is mostly outside of the crypto sphere. 

In this interview, Ralph Kalsi chats with Eliot Rifkin of 4ZZZ news about how blockchain is an incredible piece of technology that is altering all industries bit by bit. In Kalsi’s own words,

“This is going to change the way humans think, they operate, how they do business with each other.” 

According to Kalsi, what makes blockchain stand out so much is its decentralised nature. This way the entire process not only is free from the surveillance of a central authority but also eliminates all intermediaries squeezing out profit as well as corrupting the system. Another very interesting thing about blockchain that Kalsi emphasises is the way it protects user privacy. When a blockchain-based smart contract is used in a transaction, even though the transaction data is transparent to everyone on the network, users’ identity and personal information is never revealed; in fact, it’s never even collected. What is more, if you do decide to share some of your data with someone else, with blockchain, you can take full control of it.

As Rifkin concludes from the chat with Ralph Kalsi,

“It’s high time people stop giving away their information for convenience without trying to take a little responsibility themselves for who gets their data.”

Kalsi moves on to talk about how blockchain allows users to even make money out of the data shared, without requiring any knowledge of coding. This is where one of the use cases of blockchain, NFT, comes in. There are blockchain platforms where you can turn your product like artwork, piece of music, blog etc. into unique tokens (NFTs) and trade them on the marketplace of the same blockchain platform. A smart contract will automatically allot you the profit, divide it exactly as per the deal in case of a collaboration, as well as make sure you are paid the correct amount of royalties for each time your product is resold. He also explains in detail the other important features of blockchain-like data provenance, cybersecurity, and about yet some more applications of the technology.

For a long time, Blockchain Australia has been operating as end-to-end blockchain development, consulting, and marketing agency, working tirelessly towards an all-inclusive and borderless economy. We are honoured by this opportunity of sharing insights about the technology to the huge listener-base of 4ZZZ and are positive that it will take us one step further towards our pledge of growing decentralised networks around the world and building an affluent and dynamic blockchain-based community.You can check out the interview here.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia