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Blockchain is opening up a world of possibilities, but with this comes additional legal questions. We provide the support you need to navigate the novel space.

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How our blockchain legal consultants can help

Distributed ledger technologies are paving the way for businesses to innovate, breaking down barriers that were there before. However, these new developments don’t exist in a vacuum and are largely governed by the same laws as other business applications. 

To make sure your idea is viable, and fits into the legislative and regulatory environment, you need a professional blockchain lawyers & consultant. Our team keeps up with the rapidly evolving landscape, so you can be confident you’re rolling out a blockchain project that won’t trigger any legal complications.

  • Professional advice from certified lawyers

    Our experienced lawyers help to simplify the process. With vast experience in corporate law and the startup space, they understand your anxieties and difficulties.

  • Blockchain experts

    We work with lawyers that are passionate about tech and business. Keeping up with the needs of modern clients, they keep processes efficient & cost-effective. 

  • Full transparency

    We know that the language of the law can be complex, so we keep things clear and digestible so you can grasp exactly what’s going on, even without any legal background.

Our blockchain legal services

We offer the following blockchain legal services and solutions, helping you move in the right direction for your business.

Tokenisation - Blockchain Australia

Blockchain advisors can assist with a range of tokenisation services, including commodity and property tokenisation. With experience in tokenomics, they’re on-hand to offer advice around token payments, NFTs, Stablecoins and DeFi.

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Cryptocurrencies - Blockchain Australia

Cryptocurrencies open up all sorts of questions. Get legal advice when it comes to crypto payments, crypto liquidation, privacy coins and more.

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ICO - Blockchain Australia

ICOs or initial coin offerings are accompanied by a range of legal requirements. We can assist with developing and understanding terms and conditions, whitepapers, litepapers, privacy policies, liquidation, contracts and purchase agreements.

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Escrow services - Blockchain Australia
Escrow services

We provide escrow services for more security within transactions. This includes crypto currency, domain name and NFT escrow services, as well as high net worth transaction services.

Digital currency exchange - Blockchain Australia
Digital currency exchange

Need legal advice when launching or running a digital currency exchange? We have experience in both decentralised and decentralised crypto exchange setups, DeFi liquidity setup, AML-CTF and related policies. We can also get you on track with AUSTRAC registrations, exchange token offerings and exchange listings audits.

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Litigation - Blockchain Australia

Involved in a legal dispute? Get peace-of-mind when it comes to cryptocurrency theft, deceptive cryptocurrency brokerage conduct, negotiations, dispute resolutions, hiding cryptocurrency and deceptive project practices.

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Crypto Tax Lawyer - Blockchain Australia
Crypto Tax Lawyer

If you’ve made investment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or crypto-based projects including NFTs, it must be noted that they are still taxable properties despite being decentralised finance offerings.

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DAO Formation & Governance - Blockchain Australia
DAO Formation & Governance

A DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) is a member-owned, member-operated organisation set up independent of any central authority, to organise and deploy resources in blockchain-based ecosystems in a transparent manner through smart contracts. 

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What does the process look like?

Our blockchain legal services are designed to be simple, equipping you with the power to make the right legal decisions.


Get in touch with Blockchain Australia by leaving a message online or giving us a call. Our consultants will have a chat to find out more about your situation and analyse the next best step.

Dedicated lawyer

We’ll connect you with your blockchain legal consultant, who will be chosen based on their experience in scenarios similar to yours. They’ll be on-hand to focus on your case and make sure any issues are quickly resolved.


Your lawyer will set up an appointment to find out more about your needs and background. Whether you need to set up a cryptocurrency or claim damages in litigation, you can tell them everything about your situation so they can work on the most suitable solution.


Our lawyers will carry out research in order to formulate a solution. They’ll tell you more about the most suitable path and once you’re happy, we’ll sort out payment and put the solution into action. We focus on tailored results and achieving client results that surpass your expectations.

Ongoing advice

Throughout the process, you’ll be equipped with knowledge so you know what to do if you’re ever faced with something similar in future. Even once the partnership comes to an end, feel free to reach out to your legal consultant for advice.

Whether you’re already in the blockchain space or looking to make your move, you can be confident you’re playing by the rules with a legal team on side. Partner with Australia’s leading experts by contacting us today.

Our Network

Our technology-focused business has enabled us to partner with some of the leading blockchain experts around the world. When you work with Blockchain Australia, you unlock access to the best blockchain technologies and advice to ensure exceptional results.

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Why Blockchain Australia?

Startups and enterprises choose Blockchain Australia for blockchain legal services and developments alike. Our solutions open up your business to a brighter future powered by the latest technologies.

A cost-effective approach

We deliver streamlined processes that save you time and money, with a focus on your ROI at all times.

Complete transparency

Your dedicated consultant keeps you in the loop throughout, with regular reports so you can keep an eye on the process and results.

Ongoing support

Throughout our partnership and even after it ends, we’re glad to share our knowledge and training with you.

Flexible options

We build options tailored to your business. Blockchain is such a unique space and we work to build solutions that break the mould.

Our proven track record

We work with businesses like you looking for a blockchain consultant to help guide their legal decisions or transform their ideas into a reality.

The Gold & Silver Standard
Gold & Silver Standard

The Gold & Silver Standard

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gold & Silver Standard is bridging the gap between investments in physical assets like gold and silver, and virtual assets like cryptos and NFTs, with the help of Blockchain Australia’s masterful technology and expert guidance.

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Gachyi Land
Gachyi Land

Gachyi Land

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gachyi Land brings to life the first play-to-earn MMORPG game and NFT launchpad, creating an ecosystem based on gacha systems, with the help and support of the expert tech and legal team of Blockchain Australia .

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What our customers are saying

“We came in not knowing exactly what we wanted or needed, thankfully Ralph and his team were able to come up with a clear solution. Would highly recommend chatting to these guys, they took the time to understand my needs before trying to diagnose.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgeable and skilled who enabled us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain on our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgable in helping us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain for our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

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