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Improving clinical trials with Certainty

Certainty gives vital medical research organisations the power to break down barriers and improve their chances of successful (and potentially life-saving) product development.

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The Challenge

Traditionally, the route to creating and releasing a safe, effective medical product was slow. It involved manual data processing, an absence of real-time data, constant struggles to meet regulatory compliance, and a web of complicated workflows. 

As the volume and complexity of clinical trials rises, big pharmaceuticals and smaller research centres are searching for ways to innovate. They’re looking for ways to improve the data that goes into the trials, streamline the outcomes, and decrease the costs of performing them.

  • Accurate data, no contest

    Medical data is stored safely and securely within the blockchain, providing a clear, non-contestable trail of trial data methodology and outcomes.

  • Removing the roadblocks

    Smart contracts ensure that process automation is defined and agreed upon, and with no possibility of unseen roadblocks holding up progress. The entire clinical research community wants to combat inefficiencies in trial methodology and the ever-rising costs that are currently known to double every 3 years.

  • Shrinking medical borders

    Certainty connects all key players in the clinical trial through one decentralised platform, cutting time on workflows and improving efficiency.

The Challenge

Working in conjunction with Blockchain Australia, Swinburne University and Inversion Health Innovation Research, Certainty’s goal was to transform the clinical trials process.

We worked with them to map out the trial journey from start to finish, identifying the issues and road blocks at every step. We then used a combination of established and emerging technology to create a model that would deliver an ecosystem of unified workflows and connected stakeholders.

The Solution

Innovation is the real difference here, with automated granular reporting at every stage of the project lifecycle. Certainty uses blockchain technology to create an immutable record of clinical trial activity. This data can’t be altered, and is available to any users, adding a vital layer of verifiable transparency to the process. All patient, trial and results data is stored on the blockchain, delivering a non-contestable, easily-verifiable, tamper-proof record of trial results.

What Certainty achieves

Removing human error

Manual processing and email communication is replaced with automatic transactions, any risk of manipulated trial outcomes or compromised regulatory compliance is eliminated.

Reduce costs

Less administration work, fewer third parties, and much less time to get data will reduce the costs involved in performing clinical trials.

Real-time results

Researchers and data managers have access to real-time clinical trial data, making it quicker to fund and execute clinical trials.

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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia