Keen to get on board with Blockchain? Melbourne based Blockchain Australia leads by example.

Are you ready to explore the Blockchain? Australia wide, business owners are rapidly adopting Blockchain technology, making effective, informed decisions that lead by example. From Blockchain applications to ICO development and Blockchain consulting services, Blockchain Australia offers expert advice as industry frontrunners.

What is Blockchain technology?

The blockchain is a public ledger and refers to the constantly growing chain of digital records (blocks) which are secured using cryptography. Every Blockchain holds a timestamp that cannot be duplicated, refuted or altered, making the Blockchain incorruptible and therefore ideal for businesses worldwide.

Blockchain Reaches the Mainstream

As Blockchain technology gains traction and accrues mainstream interest, quality Blockchain services deliver an improved and advanced service to your customers more effectively than ever before.

In the time that Blockchain technology platforms evolve, Blockchain companies will offer further streamlined, safer and simpler systems for those who use them.

Blockchain Australia
Blockchain PaaS (platform as a service)

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From the initial idea to implementation, Blockchain Australia works with clients towards the goal of eliminating the slow, expensive and insecure data transfers costing them time and money.

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PaaS, (Platform as a service) gives business owners the freedom and ability to connect seamlessly with a range of networks and digital transaction protocols. We’ve merged a set of tools and technologies within our systems, resulting in a more comprehensive experience of digital transactions as they occur. It is now possible to run your business more effectively and efficiently than ever, leaving you with more time to focus on core activities, while the complex transactional protocol is taken care of by the experts.

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We work closely with our clients, helping them to make the most of connecting new and existing applications to HTTP REST APIs so that you can make the most of Blockchain tools without needing to get into the complicated details. This includes frequent updates that meet the challenges of constantly evolving Blockchain technology.

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Ready to move on to the Blockchain? Australia’s business leaders agree: as trusted professionals in building organisations through the Blockchain, Melbourne’s Blockchain Australia is ready to help you take the first steps towards the freedom that this exciting and rewarding Blockchain technology provides for business owners. Contact us today to find out more.


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Developers use HTTP REST APIs in order to help them build Blockchain applications quickly, in the languages they are familiar with.

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Don’t have time to get involved in complex protocols? That’s our forte. We manage all complexities and compatibility issues, making new Blockchain technologies available to you as soon as they emerge.

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Blockchain concepts are easily learned with an optimised dashboard. Once you’re familiar with an optimised dashboard, you can apply these concepts to your applications, effectively freeing up even more of your time for customer support.

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We offer clients the freedom of leveraging many protocols, without a protocol “lock-in”. You can develop on our APIs by writing just once, switching between protocols with minimum developmental hurdles.

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We place the highest value on your security. Whether you choose total key autonomy or hand over management to us, our tools feature leading Blockchain protocol-specific security, eliminating the possibility of losing data, reputation or dollars.

Managing Multiple Protocols


We use innovative technologies inbuilt into single applications so that multiple protocols may be used at any time.

As leaders in the field, we are eager to see businesses rise to the next level with the help of our Blockchain services. Our clients recognise our commitment to their success, turning to our expert team for the leading range of services we provide. From assistance in building a Blockchain app to general consultation in blockchain technology, our team is here for you as your business grows. Contact us to find out more today.

Modern and Exclusive Services

Go through the various aspects of Blockchain technologies and realise how they can empower you to offer highly innovative solutions to your new and existing applications. Improve business efficiencies and customer back-up and support and become one of the leaders in the Blockchain domain in Australia.

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