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What is STO marketing?

Security tokens are a financial tool that’s to revolutionise the already-cutting-edge world of blockchain, and deliver a new world of growth for businesses. These tokens act as a share of a business, but built using the power of blockchain.

As such, STO marketing needs to take place early to allow you to attract the right investors and partners, enabling you to launch a successful STO platform. Without the right STO marketing strategy, your security token may get lost in the market, causing you to lose the chance to digitise your business on the stock exchange.

Our approach to STO marketing

As Australia’s leading STO marketing agency, you can take comfort that your STO marketing strategy is in good hands. We use the latest digital marketing tools, and a few outside-the-box tactics, to promote your project, and generate keen interest in your offering.

  • We ask the right questions

    When we develop your STO marketing strategy, we seek to understand your needs and goals first, then use this to inform your marketing activities.

  • A unique STO marketing strategy, every time

    We don’t rely on cookie-cutter marketing plans that might work. We create a unique, tailored plan for your STO, that we know will work.

  • We manage your project, end-to-end

    STO marketing is what we do, and we do it well. We manage your STO marketing strategy for you, from market research, right through to building your investor pitches.

Your targeted STO marketing campaign

Blockchain Australia is an STO marketing agency with a difference. We’re the first blockchain company that not only understands this exciting technology, but also how to market it correctly. We work with you to understand your audience, then create an STO marketing strategy that’s built specifically for this user. We create content that talks to the value of your offering, where it’s headed, and why your audience should care.

Our team of experts

Blockchain Australia is Australia’s leading full-service STO marketing agency. As experts in our individual fields, we specialise in creating smart, targeted STO marketing strategies that help boost the profile of your offering, enabling it to gain traction. With a passion for innovation, and a drive for digital change, we’ll help turn your offering into a reality.

About us

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Our approach

Here’s how we work with you to deliver the best STO marketing strategy for your business.


Our blockchain finance experts will meet with you to talk through your situation and determine your business’ needs and requirements.


Once we understand your requirements, we develop an STO marketing strategy that will achieve your business’ goals.


We put your STO marketing strategy into execution, and get your project in front of our network of investors and partners.


Once your STO marketing strategy is complete, it’s time to make your solution a reality.

Our STO marketing services

We tailor your STO marketing strategy to your business’ unique needs. Here are just some of the marketing methods and tools we use to help get your name out there.

Social media management

We use the right social media platforms to strengthen your credibility, boost your digital footprint, and create positive buzz around your STO.

Public relations

As a full-service STO marketing agency we can create the press releases, connect with the right businesses, and boost your profile in the right online and offline publications.

Event Management

From pitches to roadshows, we’ll manage your event appearances and leverage offline opportunities to showcase your offering.


We help branding or rebrand your business so you can attract the right investors, improve your user engagement, and build the right digital reputation.

Content creation

We’ll create and promote specialised articles, blogs, and videos about your business and offering to a targeted audience.

Email marketing

We promote and remarket your campaign to a targeted audience base through our email marketing strategy.

Our proven track record

Just like you, these clients were all looking for an STO marketing agency that understood their needs. See how we helped them turn their ideas into success.

Gold & Silver Standard

The Gold & Silver Standard

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gold & Silver Standard is bridging the gap between investments in physical assets like gold and silver, and virtual assets like cryptos and NFTs, with the help of Blockchain Australia’s masterful technology and expert guidance.

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Gachyi Land

Gachyi Land

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gachyi Land brings to life the first play-to-earn MMORPG game and NFT launchpad, creating an ecosystem based on gacha systems, with the help and support of the expert tech and legal team of Blockchain Australia .

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What our customers are saying

“We came in not knowing exactly what we wanted or needed, thankfully Ralph and his team were able to come up with a clear solution. Would highly recommend chatting to these guys, they took the time to understand my needs before trying to diagnose.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgeable and skilled who enabled us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain on our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgable in helping us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain for our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

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