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Marketing is one of the most important features of an ICO. Not only does it work to consolidate investor interest in your token but it also functions to provide ongoing support to your project. Formulating a successful ICO marketing strategy is the most integral part of any ICO development plan. The marketing plan should begin well before the launch and start by widening your network and establishing your creditability.Specialists will launch development and digital marketing efforts like social media, websites and network growth are essential for a successful ICO launch. Marketing provides the basis for attracting viable investment interest.

Blockchain Australia not only assist in the ICO software development but will formulate a marketing strategy that is specially targeted to relevant blockchain communities. We have a team of marketing specialists behind us that understand the crypto community. This allows us to effectively create, launch and manage ICOs. Additionally, as a blockchain consulting firm we can advise you on how to market ICOs to new investors.Our team of blockchain specialists includes designers, analysts, developers, engineers, consultants & marketers to deliver a full-scale range of ICO services.

Our services

Website development
Investor research
Social media management
Content marketing
Email marketing
Newtork growth
Influencer marketing

Our ICO marketing approach

Risk assessment

We conduct a thorough risk assessment to evaluate your project and test the feasibility of its utility. We formulate a PoC based around this risk assessment and start to conceptualise target markets, tokens and communities relevant to your project. This phase includes comprehensive market research and analysis as well as a consultation with one of our blockchain consulting experts about the evaluated risks.

Whitepaper creation

Whitepapers give your project an authentication and blueprint for success. As a consulting firm and marketing agency we understand that a whitepaper is what can set you apart from other businesses in your industry. A white paper sets out your objectives, financial needs and projections and is used to attract investor interest down the track. A successful whitepaper is the basis for a profitable ICO.

Token development

We work with you to model a token that serves your vision & objectives. This is also about the time we begin to create and distribute ICO Press Releases related to your launch.

Dashboard setup and pre-launch marketing

The most successful ICO’s are the ones that build anticipation around their launch. It’s imperative to begin to establish your project in the right communities from the get-go. We will build your network and begin to establish relationships with key bloggers, industry leaders and businesses. We use social channels like Reddit, Facebook, Telegram & Steemit to create an investor dashboard.

Launch marketing

We formulate a marketing & PR strategy to attract investment interest and hype in your project. We create, distribute and amplify content related to your project and launch and make sure its placed in all the right places. We use SEO & PPC measures to assign authority to your platform. For an all-inclusive ICO development, consulting solutions & marketing approach, contact one of our specialists today.


Our marketing strategies are designed for long-term success. If the necessary amount is not reached the first time around, our marketing team will continue until the amount is achieved.

ICO bounty marketing services

A strategic way that blockchain will help you to stand out and capture the market with your initial coin offerings.

Social media campaigns

Blockchain Australia are an accredited blockchain marketing agency that have full blown social media campaign strategies. Our consultants will provide optimised strategies that will promote your ICO and its bounty among your investors and their peers.

  • Bounty: Social Media Posts
  • Reward: Engagements; likes, follows, comments, shares.
Article writing

At Blockchain Australia we have an inhouse content marketing team that will generate articles, blogs and press releases for your initial coin offering to a targeted market. Our blockchain consultants will also work with influencers and traditional outlet to increase engagements and improve your digital visibility.

  • Bounty: Articles
  • Reward: Engagements, comments, following
Bitcointalk signatures

Bitcointalk is a popular forum for many interested leads and investors to engage in about new and successful coin offerings. Thus our signature service, it is a popular service that we provide to our clients. Bitcointalk signatures provides users of Bitcointalk with a digital brochure of your ICO and allows them to express interest in purchasing or investing in your coin offering through this service. Additionally, it will allow your business to determine and analyse market prices of tokens.

  • Bounty: Code signatures
  • Reward: Interested leads
Translation campaigns

Translating campaigns are providing communities within Bitcoin with the opportunity to translate your documents into their native language and further market the ICO in their language. At Blockchain Australia we have inhouse and outreach translators that will ensure the right market is targeted on a global level and increase the profitability of your coin offering.

  • Bounty: Translation
  • Reward: Engagements/Bigger Market
Bug reporting

This bounty marketing activity is a win-win situation for both business and user. This campaign allows users to effectively report bugs in exchange for tokens or native coin. It is an effective campaign because it increases the user friendliness of the blockchain while also gaining investments in the ICO.

  • Bounty: Find bugs
  • Reward: User generation

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Frequently asked questions

ICO Bounty Marketing is a marketing tactic that will keep your coin offering in circulation on the cryptocurrency market. Bounty Marketing is essentially incentivised reward systems and mechanizations that barter rewards with participants in turn for desirable actions. This enables your coin offering to gain traction in your desired markets and improve your return on investment. One of the ways ICO Bounty Marketing is by optimising social media, influencers and forums to increase engagements on your cryptocurrency channels.

ICO Bounty Marketing is a unique way that you will participate with your customer base while gaining token profit. Your business needs ICO Bounty Marketing because it uses common interest activities to generate leads and retarget when necessary. This technique may also be called gaining native coin because the idea behind bounty marketing is to keep your coin offering circulating, i.e. on the forefront of people’s minds. ICO Bounty Marketing is successful because it is an efficient way to stand out in a growing market, and many businesses have already utilised it to stand out in the Australian market.

Blockchain Australia Solutions have extensive marketing strategies that our blockchain professionals have developed and can consult you on. A part of that marketing strategy when developing an ICO can include set aside and initial investment in bounty marketing that can be reinvigorated via the profits generated. During all marketing tasks, including bounty marketing, our dedicated ICO blockchain consultants will work with you step by step to ensure that your coin offering stands out. If opted in on bounty marketing, Blockchain Australia will ensure that there are timely bounties before and after the initial coin offering to improve cryptocurrency performance.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia