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What is NFT Design?

By definition, you can tokenise any digital asset that holds value as an NFT. However, the means by which NFTs generate value is when buyers invest and hold them as their unique assets that cannot be replicated, but can be minted into rarer NFTs. To generate consumer interest, you need to design your NFTs in a way that maximises its value potential through marketing by capturing the public investor imagination.

The success of digital art as NFT tokens in projects such as Bored Ape and Shmoney, or NBA collectible NFTs, speak to the appeal of NFTs as unique collectibles that investors want to own and furthermore, use to represent themselves as avatars or showcase in the metaverse. As the virtual space expands further, great NFT design becomes more crucial than ever.

Our services for designing and creating NFTs

Blockchain Australia has already undertaken several successful case studies such as Baddays and Gachyi Land where we demonstrate how we create and design NFTs that will instantly appeal to their core consumer market – be it gamers, musicians, or your company’s primary target audience – as a source of value generation. Our team’s wealth of experience in blockchain technology and tokenisation will assist you through the entire process of NFT design and creation from start to finish, from conceptualisation to distribution and investor sales.

Defining a great NFT design - Blockchain Australia
Defining a great NFT design

By planning and outlining your project goals, we help you define what makes a great NFT concept and what assets can be tokenised. Whether your NFT project is linked to a wallet provider, a virtual marketplace, or for use inside a metaverse, we help you define your audience, features and functionalities to create NFTs that generate the maximum value for your business model.

Identifying market behaviour - Blockchain Australia
Identifying market behaviour

The main appeal factor of tokenised assets as NFTs is their tradeability and scarcity. Users are no longer restricted by physical marketplaces and can freely utilise their unique assets within digital ones, and the rarer and more exclusive NFT you own, the higher value it generates. We help you apply these factors to online and market trends to NFT design and creation of collectibles that anyone would want to own.

NFT design and creation process

Random NFT Generator

When the NFT design is first created, each layer is assigned a rarity percentage which users can later mint to generate NFTs of higher rarity. Using the asset metadata gathered by our rarity tools, such as traits and attributes that determine rarity, the random NFT generator can create special rarity layers and skins of digital signatures.


Once the files are uploaded on the IPFS or blockchain, you can add additional layers to your NFTs for advertising rights, increasing their rarity significantly. Celebrities such as sportspeople, musicians and artists can be approached to endorse NFTs by having their logo added to the NFTs they own in their collection, which can be verified through Twitter or Discord.

Minting and gamification

On the launch day, NFTs will be available for purchase through marketplaces such as OpenSea. Users will be able to mint NFTs to create rarer, more unique NFTs that have a higher holding value than their original price. Users can be given early access NFTs to promote a physical product or event, such as the Genesis Sneaker, or use their NFTs to access a digital product or event within a metaverse. Game developers and gamers can utilise NFTs as digital identities across games.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia