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Fun and interactive dApp game Bad Days opens doors for gamers to build and customise unique superhero characters with the power of NFTs

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The Challenge

As gamers themselves, Bad Days founders personally felt one of the biggest challenges for hardcore gamers – good games consume quite some amount of one’s time, without offering the players any real control over the game. That’s what motivated them to create a play-to-earn NFT game which provides a platform for players to take matters into their own hands. 

Bad Days is a fun and interactive dApp game inspired by a viral YouTube animation series about the bad days of superheroes, written by Stan Lee. It is a strategy game using ERC-1155 customised smart contracts that allows gamers to own, accumulate, produce, sire, upgrade, battle, and play with limited-edition digital assets used as crypto valuables. The game employs NFT technology to allow players to customise their avatars with configurable rarity, which they can buy as well as exchange on the Bad Days marketplace. They can even farm their NFTs in the game, stake them, and have PvP and 3v3 warfare. On top of these, players can also enter tournaments to test their skills against other players at the top of the leaderboard claiming most rewards.

  • Exciting NFT gaming platforms for superhero fans

    Bad Days has created an opportunity for Stan Lee fans to enter the world of NFT, where they can avail all the advantages of this technology while taking charge over their favourite superhero or supervillain on the battleground of fantasy games.

  • Control over the game universe for the players

    Bad Days offers a variety of customisations for the players to choose for their own avatars, along with a character fusion option. All of these can also be upgraded by entering different battle environments.

  • Ownership opportunity for paid in-game digital assets

    Bad Days allows players to own all avatars, upgraded special abilities, and customised NFT products created and produced in the game. These can be used in other games or even traded in the marketplace to earn profit.

The Challenge

Bad Days had crystal clear visions from the start and handled the entire development process all on their own. However, in the legal matters and networking, they hit a snag. They needed an impregnable smart contract and an exhaustive white paper as their community members and investors came from all over the world and an environment of complete trust and transparency was extremely important for them to succeed. Moreover, being from outside of Australia, they needed someone on the inside with a strong network base. That’s how they came to know about Blockchain Australia and our journey of this powerful partnership began.

The Solution

Blockchain Australia was instrumental in the project’s debut as the only firm in Australia that can supply all of the end-to-end services required to launch Bad Days successfully.

We offered blockchain consulting including the construction of the application, tokens, and smart contracts. We also helped out with blockchain legal advisory covering:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Negotiations on Licensing
  • Licensing Agreements 
  • Whitepaper
  • Guidance on Tokenomics
  • NFT advisory 
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Counsel for Token sales
  • SAFT Agreements 
  • Intellectual property rights advisory
  • The basics of networks
  • Legal auditing for publicity and promotion

What Baddays achieves

Customised digital assets that are ownable and transferable

All avatars, skills, upgrades, and other digital assets used and purchased in the game are owned by the players instead of game publishers, which are transferable to other games anytime, even after this one shuts down.

Profits earned for the time and money spent in the game

As the digital assets purchased in the game are owned by the players, they can be traded to acquire revenues on the Bad Days marketplace. Thus, the gamers gain an investment opportunity in this game along with the fun of playing it.

Complete transparency of payments and funds of all players

Being operated by blockchain, the smart contracts directing the game as well as all transactions are visible to everyone, removing the possibility of any shady background business favouring any player.

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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia