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Are you looking to increase your ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for a launch?

We understand that ICO development can be an all-consuming project.

Leaders in ICO development services, Australia’s own Blockchain Australia are here to help. Our team of engineers, designers and managers are skilled in orchestrating your ICO from concept right through to a finalised project. Our tailored ICO services are designed to manage your unique needs. We’ll delegate the completion of your ICO token development with optimised solutions that lead in the field.

ICO’s have emerged as a revolutionary crowdfunding tool that allows businesses and start-ups to raise investment capital, in record time. Blockchain Australia is a trusted ICO advisory firm and can facilitate the safe and secure development and launch of an ICO to help you to bring your vision to life.

An ICO mirrors a traditional IPO in the financial sector and has emerged as a powerful tool to help to get projects and start-ups off the ground. An ICO attracts investor support in exchange for a crypto token that is unique to the project.

ICO’s are utility tokens which means that users invest in the purpose or utility of a product or service. As there are no upfront entry requirements, ICO’s are greatly accessible to a range of applications. At Blockchain Australia we have a dedicated team of consultants that can assist you in developing ICO solutions for your business or start-up.

ICO’s are changing the face of fundraising in the blockchain sphere.

Blockchain Australia is a trusted ICO consulting firm that specialises in the secure development and launch of ICOs. We’ve got a team of crypto experts behind us that will provide you with solutions to develop, secure, launch and market your ICO.

Blockchain Australia offer complete ICO services that include PoC formulation, whitepaper creation, token development and distribution and launch & ICO marketing.

Our team of blockchain specialists includes designers, analysts, developers, engineers, consultants & marketers that are poised to deliver a range of services to fulfil your ICO needs, from start to finish.

Our approach to effective launches

POC & risk assessment

In the conceptualisation stage our development and consulting team will work with you to understand your project and funding needs, this allows us to begin to network your project to relevant communities and ensure your idea is viable and feasible.

Creating a whitepaper

A whitepaper functions as a roadmap for your project and is fundamental to the success of your ICO. Our specialists know how to make your whitepaper stand out from the crowd. We understand that a whitepaper functions as a marketing tool, blueprint and overall vision. This will help to bring your idea to life.

Wallet development and drop

Our wallet development team are prepared to support you on the journey towards an ICO launch. By first brainstorming to reach the best outcomes for users, we then assist with the creation and publication of your whitepaper. After publication, the ICO marketing phase can begin. From here, we set up a dashboard, follow up with a coin drop and let you sit back and see the results of the hard work.

To help with this determination Blockchain Australia have a dedicated consulting team on hand that monitor market prices.

Dashboard setup and launch marketing

We will create anticipation and hype around your launch via relevant social media channels.

Perfect date-to-launch timing

We will create anticipation and hype around your launch via relevant social media channels.

ICO development, token development services designed to lead.

As Melbourne’s leading ICO development company, Blockchain Australia can help you to capitalise on Blockchain applications and take advantage of emerging new services in record time.

Our expert team provide ICO services, comprehensive consultation services and Blockchain related software to our partners, embracing innovation and security in state of the art products related to token development.

Whatever stage of planning you are currently at, our team look forward to helping you approach your ICO launch.

Our services

Strategy & planning

We have a team of strategists & analysts to map out your project and attract the relevant interest.

Whitepaper services

Comprehensive whitepaper drafting & formulation to make your project shine.


Long-term marketing solutions to attract the right investors to your project. We begin the marketing process long before your launch and grow your network and outreach capacity so to optimise your chances of success.

Ongoing support

Continued support from concept to launch from our experienced and dedicated consulting team. We’ll work to deliver a smooth and successful launch and provide ongoing marketing support for your project.

Ready to discuss your launch? contact our team of experts today and arrange your free consultation with a member of our friendly team.

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Frequently asked questions

Initial coin offering is basically a fundraising tool. A start-up and businesses can create and raise investment capital almost instantly. Blockchain assists with ICO development that keeps all information and ICO processes safe and secure, whilst bringing a business’s vision and mission to life.

The stages in ICO development include:

  • POC and Risk assessment (Conceptualisation stage): This is where Blockchains development and consulting team works directly with you to understand your projects funding needs and allows you to begin your network project to a target audience, whilst ensuring that your concept is capable of success.
  • Creating a whitepaper: This acts as a road map for your project and is successful to your ICO. Blockchain specialists work to create a whitepaper that stands out and will attract. Whitepaper is used as a marketing tool that’ll bring the idea to life.
  • Wallet development and drop: Brainstorming stage that develops ideas and strategies to reach the best outcome for every user. Then working toward the creation stage of your whitepaper and how to best market it via various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Reddit and more.
  • Marketing stage: Your information is then released to the public or any users you enable to have access. We then set-up a dashboard, followed by a coin drop and then we allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the results.
  • Perfect launch date and timing: We will regularly be active on all social media platforms to ensure we create a hype around your launch prior to its release.

Investing in an ICO is a good move as it will increase the success of your brand launch almost instantly with a lot of hard work and determination as well as regular consulting with Blockchain ICO specialists that are trained to help you reach your goals, vision and mission through the ICO process.

ICO fundraise in an unregulated environment, everyone can use it. Whereas, STO requires compliance to regulations that restrict who can trade and buy tokens as it is a globally recognised legal investment contract.

Here is how to invest in an ICO:

  • To invest in ICO you have to visit a project website and register to invest in their fundraiser.
  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet and secure it with all necessary security information and back-up processes.
  • Buy ICO tokens online to invest in whatever business project you wish to participate in.
  • To participate you have to send your crypto to their address and make the ICO token exchange and investment.
  • You can invest in any project as many times as you like whilst also ensuring you are investing in a safe and secure project. Check the site and project multiple times to ensure it is safe and legitimate.

The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia