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What’s the big deal about Ethereum?

Ethereum is the open-source, decentralised platform that’s well positioned to support the build of a range of solutions. Ethereum applications run on a platform-specific token called ether (ETH), which can be used to run applications and monetise processes inside Ethereum.

The technology was built by a growing community and is open to anyone – all you need is a wallet. Now, blockchain developers continue to explore the possibilities of Ethereum to build solutions that can take businesses to the next level. That includes Ethereum smart contract development, dApps, decentralised exchanges, wallets, tokens and blockchain development.

At Blockchain Australia, we’re onboard with the idea of Ethereum as the foundation for a more digital future. Our blockchain developers can work with you to turn your ideas into a reality, and our Ethereum consultants are never far away with expert advice on how your business can use Ethereum for maximum benefit.

As the largest and most mature platform in the blockchain space, setting up applications is hassle-free, fast and secure, and can be run without any downtime. With the help of Ethereum and Blockchain Australia, you can dive into the world of blockchain and transform your business’ operations.

Ethereum smart contract development

We build agile smart contracts on Ethereum, to incorporate agility and automation into your business. An essential element of blockchain developments, smart contracts can be coded so that any function can be implemented – without limits.

When merged with the power of Ethereum, smart contracts can be employed in just about any project, from creating virtual organisations, to launching cryptocurrencies and developing dApps. Blockchain Australia always has our finger on the pulse of Ethereum news, so our partners get the most out of new possibilities as and when they arise.

Our approach

POC & risk assessment

We work to gain a full understanding of your ideas and vision, so we can predict any problems that might arise along the way in order to define the roadmap and ensure a smooth process.


Whitepaper formulation is essential to the success of your Ethereum project. This functions as the blueprint to your overall vision and a marketing tool to boost awareness.


After wireframing and designing is complete and approved by you, development can begin. We use Ethereum’s open-source platform to build and deploy projects to the mainnet.

Dashboard setup & marketing launch

We’re with you long after deployment, for maintenance, testing, support and marketing. We’ll set up a dashboard so you can easily track the progress of your product.

The benefits of the Ethereum platform

Since 2015, Ethereum has continued to evolve and prove itself to be an invaluable tool in the creation of blockchain systems, smart contracts and business innovations. Some reasons why Blockchain Australia base so much of our solutions on Ethereum include:

  • Zero downtime when running your project

  • Decentralised nature means there’s no single point of failure

  • Applications are secured due to cryptography

  • Applications are tamper-proof

  • P2P network means there’s no need for intermediaries

Our services

Smart contract development - Blockchain Australia
Smart contract development

We build robust smart contracts on Ethereum that can be integrated with web and mobile applications.

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dApps development - Blockchain Australia
dApps development

Decentralised applications built on the Ethereum blockchain, working on a peer-to-peer functionality for trust and transparency.

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Token development - Blockchain Australia
Token development

Mintable, burnable, haltable and transferable tokens using the standards in Ethereum development.

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Wallet development - Blockchain Australia
Wallet development

Our wallets are compatible with the native Ethereum coin, as well as custom coins and tokens for your project.

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With experience launching a range of protocols and applications in the blockchain space, we’re the team to make your vision a reality. Contact us for a free consultation.

A network of technology partners

Get connected with our growing network of the world’s experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency. With the skills and expertise to power your project forward, get invaluable insights as well as the funding and strategy you need for success.

Protocol partners

Our Clients

Whether you’re a startup that’s ready to build your world-changing application, or an enterprise that wants to disrupt your industry and streamline operations, we can help. Our clients benefit from leading technology and expertise to achieve their goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain based platform that enables the build of decentralised apps and smart contracts without any fraud, downtime or third party involvement. In addition to being a platform, Ethereum is also a programming language (Turing complete) that developers can use to build and publish applications.

An ERC20 token is a blockchain-based asset that can be used and traded in a similar way to bitcoin and ether. ERC20 tokens are developed and hosted on Ethereum and use gas to cover transaction fees.

DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, which is a theoretical company operated by code instead of people. In a DAO, investors tend to drive the direction of the company, rather than appointed leaders, to eliminate the traditional hierarchy. Advocates for DAOs believe Ethereum could fuel the idea.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia