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Decentralised finance solutions

Decentralised finance (DeFi) describes the shift from traditional finance systems to peer-to-peer systems built on the Ethereum blockchain. As the most active sector in the blockchain space right now, DeFi is disrupting all we knew about borrowing, lending, trading, investment and risk management.

And now your business can experience the benefits. With a proven track record in DeFi, crypto and the wider blockchain space, Blockchain Australia is well-placed to become your partner in DeFi development.

What a decentralised finance development company could do for you

DeFi is making banking more accessible. By getting rid of the middlemen (banks, lenders, etc.) the space opens up a host of benefits for businesses and users alike. Automation and smart contracts make transactions more efficient, high transparency reduces the chance of fraud, and transactions are immutable and interoperable.

As Australia’s experts in DeFi and crypto, we can help you build a range of solutions to accelerate your business forward. Just speak to our team about DeFi consulting, blockchain protocols, asset tokenisation, wallet development, smart contracts, decentralised banking, and the development of just about any innovative DeFi platform. The future of finance is here, and we can help you build the highest quality solution to ensure you don’t get left behind.

How our DeFi services work

Our streamlined processes put your business’ goals in the driving seat. Taking a tailored approach and adopting the latest FinTech tools, we can help you create a DeFi platform that delivers multi-fold benefits to your business and its customers.

Work with a dedicated consultant

Our in-house consultants and developers work closely with you to understand your project goals and ensure we have the optimal roadmap in place to achieve them. Their skills and experience help to ensure a great ROI and a seamless, scalable solution.

Design, development & ongoing maintenance

We’re with you from the initial conversation, through to UX design, development, launch and maintenance. With innovative tools and industry leaders at our disposal, you can rest assured we’re committed to building the most innovative platform.

Why Blockchain Australia?

Trust your decentralised finance platform to the experts. Partnering with Blockchain Australia means getting maximum value for your money, complete transparency and support, and flexible services tailored to your needs.

Get equipped with the right knowledge

No matter where your level of knowledge currently lies, we make it our mission to answer your questions and provide training throughout the process, so you’re confident to manage your product post-partnership. Of course, we’re still there to help out if you ever need us.

Put your business at the forefront of your industry. To get an edge against your competitors, get in touch with Australia’s pioneers in DeFi. Book a free consultation today.

The benefits of our DeFi development services

Our approach has been streamlined to get you the results you need, faster. With a proven method that delivers the most effective solutions while minimising risks, count on our teams to meet your goals in the promised timeframe. Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you partner with us.


All transactions occur automatically on the blockchain, without the need for manual handling or interference. This makes all processes much more efficient and minimises the risk of error.

Smart contract development

We work with you to develop and implement smart contracts based on solidity. These can be used by parties that don’t know each other to accept mutual agreements that cannot be tampered with. 

No third party

Blockchain technology eliminates the need for a third party. This feature alone is packed with benefits, including faster and easier transactions, lower fees and less chance of fraud or human error.

Highly secure

Decentralised finance applications run on peer-to-peer networks that use core operational nodes. This eliminates the possibility of data breaches and abrupt shutdowns, and is much more secure than traditional finance models.

Anonymous transactions

We utilise a distributed ledger network that lets users keep their identity safe and ensures their linked profile is not displayed. This way, users can transact anonymously.

Global access

DeFi dissolves the borders in finance. Our solutions enable global access, so everyone can benefit from secure and decentralised financial services, no matter where they’re based or what their economic status may be.


We design solutions that can be integrated across multiple blockchain applications, so data can easily be transferred and only one single module is needed. This makes our platforms user-intuitive and sleek to operate.

Transparent protocols

With no central authority that keeps control over transactions and user data, our systems deliver the highest levels of trust and transparency.

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Our Network

We work with a wide network of blockchain, DeFi and crypto experts from around the world. We connect you with our network, so you can take advantage of their powerful mix of skills and experience. Coming together from different backgrounds and industries, that means you get access to funding, strategy and ongoing support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DeFi or decentralised finance refers to peer-to-peer finance systems enabled by decentralised technology. It is open sourced and exists to improve accessibility to the finance market, as a viable alternative to traditional finance models. DeFi is more secure, automatic and transparent than its alternatives.

The security of decentralised finance comes from a combination of smart contracts and blockchain technology. The system cannot be hacked and the lack of intermediary makes processes more secure and transparent.

DeFi has unlocked a whole world of use cases, with new ones still being explored. Some common use cases include asset management, compliance and KYC, DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisation), data and analytics, gaming, identity, insurance, borrowing and lending, trading, market places, payments, savings plus much more.

The difference between DeFi and crypto trading (CeFi) is that in CeFi, all transactions take place on a centralised exchange. Funds are managed by whoever runs the central exchange, and you are subject to their rules. DeFi runs using the decentralised nature of blockchain, using open-source software to create financial services and products.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia