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Building a better blockchain starts here

Blockchain Australia is working with entrepreneurs, executives and investors who are ready to disrupt their space. Now you can leverage the power of decentralised technology with our team of blockchain developers by your side every step of the way.

So if you’ve spotted a gap in the emerging blockchain ecosystem, we can help you develop the protocol to fill it. Get the support of an in-house team of experts and wider global network behind you, and start building the best blockchain solution you can.

Blockchain protocol solutions for every business

Industries from banking to healthcare, real estate, and everything in between, are realising the potential of blockchain technology. Of course, current platforms may have limitations for developing particular applications, which is why we’re helping businesses to innovate by building their own platforms from scratch. Your idea, your goals, backed by blockchain.

We build custom blockchain protocols, platforms and permissioned ledgers to the highest standard. Seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructures and made to replace or complement current well-known protocols like Ethereum, Corda and Hyperledger, we’re here to turn your idea for the “next big thing” into a reality.

How our blockchain protocol development services work

We know that building a protocol can feel overwhelming. This is a time of huge change and many developers are still getting to grips with the shift from centralised technology to distributed ledger technologies. Whether or not you have any coding skills, our team of developers and consultants works with you to build a custom application using the latest tools, to exceed your expectations. 

Work with a dedicated consultant

From your initial consultation to beyond the launch, our blockchain consultants are on-hand to provide expert advice and pinpoint ways to streamline the process. We’re always looking for ways to improve your ROI and ensure all platforms are secure and scalable.

Design, development & ongoing maintenance

We’re here to create the best solutions for your business. That starts with a deep dive into your target market, so we can build the most appropriate platform for them. We use advanced tools for design, development, testing and maintenance, so you can count on the most innovative solution that we’ll continuously improve.

Why Blockchain Australia?

We’re one of the leading blockchain development companies in Australia. Enterprises and startups choose us for cost-efficiency, flexibility, support and transparency throughout the process.

Get equipped with the right knowledge

Whether you’re completely new to this space or you already have some knowledge of building blockchain platforms, we provide training and education while we work with you. We make sure you’re fully equipped to manage your technology after our partnership, and are happy to answer any questions you have at any point.

Put your business at the forefront of your industry. Tell us more about your concept and we’ll break down ways we might approach it. Book a free consultation with our team today.

Our full suite of services

We’ve developed a suite of services for building and understanding the possibilities of decentralised technologies. We define a detailed roadmap to deliver the most effective solution in a timely manner, so we can meet your business’ goals through innovation.

Protocol design - Blockchain Australia
Protocol design

The protocol design stage takes into account some key questions. Will you build a permissioned or permissionless blockchain? Will it be private, public or hybrid? We’ll also look at whether nodes will run on the cloud, on-premise, or both. Our designers can help you determine the best design for your protocol.

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Economic simulations - Blockchain Australia
Economic simulations

We use simulation tools to analyse how your blockchain platform would perform in the real world. This service helps us to answer architectural and configuration questions, without having to rely on trial-and-error of your blockchain solution.

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Protocol analysis & verification - Blockchain Australia
Protocol analysis & verification

With access to a wide network of blockchain technology experts, we network your protocol concept so it can undergo analysis and determine feasibility.

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Business intelligence for investors - Blockchain Australia
Business intelligence for investors

Business intelligence (BI) evaluates your chances of success with investors. We determine exactly what investors want to know, by diving into data mining, process mining and text mining, in addition to benchmarking and predictive analytics. This helps us to position your product in the most optimal way.

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Algorithmic analysis & verification - Blockchain Australia
Algorithmic analysis & verification

Algorithmic analysis and verification measures the performance of your product’s algorithms, and is a scientific way to guide design decisions. We offer this service to optimise the efficiency of your algorithms and determine better ways to execute them, wherever possible.

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Incident response - Blockchain Australia
Incident response

We provide incident response services for those times you need it most. When something goes wrong – such as a security breach – you need a team who can rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Mitigate risks with a blockchain incident response team on your side.

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DeFi ecosystem analysis - Blockchain Australia
DeFi ecosystem analysis

The decentralised finance ecosystem is where borrowing, trading and lending take place, operating on a public network. We carry out sophisticated analysis to bring clarity and ensure your product stands the test of time within the ecosystem.

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Executive education programs - Blockchain Australia
Executive education programs

Become a thought leader in your space. We deliver workshops and training sessions that delve into decentralised technologies, to give you a head start and unlock access to some of the industry’s most successful experts.

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Our Network

Get connected with our network of the world’s pioneers in blockchain technology. Bringing together the skills and experience to power your protocol forward, you can enjoy the benefits of combined industries for the support, strategy and funding you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Protocols are essentially rules that enable information to be shared across decentralised networks. They define how that data should be structured so that it fits into a system. There are many different protocols for blockchain, and these are still being added to. Some key blockchain protocols you should know about are Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger and Quorum.

Building a blockchain protocol is a detailed process that requires a good level of development skills. It starts with identifying a solid business use case, before identifying the most suitable consensus mechanism and platform. Then design and development can begin. Work with a blockchain consultant to ensure your blockchain protocol is a success.

There’s a significant demand for blockchain developers right now, but there are some key requisites to start building using blockchain technology. This includes fundamental skills in information technologies, information security and computer science. You should also understand distributed systems, networking, cryptography and data structures. We work with businesses and entrepreneurs with varying levels of knowledge, so contact Blockchain Australia’s developers for assistance with your project.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia