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What is an NFT marketplace?

The NFT (non-fungible tokens) market tripled in 2020, with more buyers interested in investing in the space, and more artists making the most of the latest revenue opportunity. An NFT marketplace facilitates the listing, buying and selling of NFTs. In some cases, users can also mint (create) NFTs via a marketplace. They operate on a blockchain-based system – usually Ethereum.

White Label NFT is a cross-platform interoperable NFT marketplace that addresses current issues surrounding non-fungible tokens and aims to dissolve them, for a better NFT experience for artists and resellers. 

What our White Label NFT platform offers artists, investors & businesses

The current NFT marketplace system is not without its limitations. Artists don’t receive royalties when their art is sold in secondary markets, minting and trading on Ethereum burns fossil fuels and consumes high amounts of energy, and there’s a lack of an interconnected ecosystem that enables the moving of NFTs to a different marketplace.

White Label NFT Marketplace tackles these issues – and more. Blockchain Australia is proud to introduce a much-needed, easy-to-use NFT marketplace to Australia that runs on the layer 2 solution Binance smart chain for lower gas fees.

  • Mint, buy & sell NFTs

    White Label NFT Marketplace enables artists to earn royalties perpetually. And, since it’s built on the Binance Smart Chain, users can now transfer NFTs between different applications and marketplaces.

  • NFT platform whitelabelling

    Businesses can white label or license our NFT platform, so you can launch your own NFT marketplace without the need to understand blockchain development, wallet creation, metamask linking and other technicalities. We’ll show you how to customise your platform with your own branding and required functionality, and you can enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive features and integration options. We’ll set you up with everything you need for a successful NFT marketplace.

Why use White Label NFT Marketplace?

Rewards System

Tokens power the ecosystem of our marketplace and we will soon launch our own dedicated reward token. Through a built-in rewards system, artists with tokens can promote their NFTs to the top of the marketplace, and token holders get discounts and early access to NFTs.

Seamless Integration

White Label NFT is a layer 2 solution developed on Binance smart chain. Users can also use the Ethereum main chain to make the platform compatible with OpenSea and Rarible, and easily transfer NFTs across platforms.

Earning Potential

Artists and users are able to earn passive profits to maximise earning potential, with artist royalties given for secondary sales.

What can you buy & sell?

Opportunities within the NFT space are still expanding, and there is a wide range of tokens you can trade on White Label NFT Marketplace, including:

Digital Art

Art investment has had a digital face lift, and now users can purchase a complete work of art or a portion (share) of that artwork.


Musicians can tokenise their songs, set their own price and earn royalties once their music is bought and re-sold.

Trading Cards

Digital collectible trading cards can hold a lot of value, with games taking on a new life thanks to NFTs. You can sell cards from games such as GodsUnchained and Sorare.

Domain names

As ecosystems move closer towards cryptocurrencies, the domain name industry is growing.


Collectibles have always been a huge craze amongst NFT fans. Users can trade branded collectibles, such as those created on NBA TopShot, or classic NFT collectibles such as CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks.

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“We came in not knowing exactly what we wanted or needed, thankfully Ralph and his team were able to come up with a clear solution. Would highly recommend chatting to these guys, they took the time to understand my needs before trying to diagnose.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgeable and skilled who enabled us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain on our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

“The team at Blockchain Australia were very knowledgable in helping us to fully utilise the power of Blockchain for our platform. They understood our vision and delivered our product on time with no hassles. Would recommend them to any start-up or established company.”

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The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

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