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What is an NFT issuance platform?

When creating NFTs out of digital assets, you can either do so by means of minting tokens with unique IDs on the blockchain or via a decentralised app (dApp). A dApp is an online application that issues tokens to token holders for purchase as NFTs, essentially minting the NFT via the dApp. dApps are deployed on the blockchain network your project runs on (e.g. Ethereum) and use this blockchain for data storage, and use smart contracts to facilitate transactions and purchase tokens.

An NFT issuance platform utilises dApps to provide services such as random NFT generation for all kinds of NFTs such as digital art, music, or game characters; uploading NFTs onto the blockchain or IPFS, launch NFTs through secondary markets, and much more. The NFT issuance platform aims to put the power back into your hands with NFT generation, needing no prior developer experience and fully open source while protecting your data on the blockchain.

Our NFT issuance platform services

Blockchain Australia ‘s NFT issuance platform helps you simplify the process of minting and creating NFTs for your project by using dApps that mint NFTs directly by inputting cryptocurrency from your connected wallet and using a random NFT generator, launching smart contracts, uploading NFTs on the IPFS, and many more. These NFTs can then be farmed for rarity or put up directly for purchase within a virtual marketplace such as OpenSea.

Choose one of our NFT issuance templates to begin minting your own NFTs with no developer experience required. We help eliminate the middleman and the need for personal information to be provided to make your transaction, thus increasing user privacy. All your activity is recorded on the blockchain so the NFTs that you mint can be uniquely identified as yours. We’ve already explored successful case studies to show how our decentralised finance (DeFi) projects make transactions and tokenisation easier, faster and more secure, backed by our NFT consulting team’s vast experience.

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What does the NFT issuance platform provide?

Increased user privacy

The use of the NFT issuance platform effectively eliminates the middleman and does not require the user’s personal information to perform a transaction. All transactions are done via smart contracts on the blockchain, keeping user data safe and secure throughout.

Flexible platform

All applications on the NFT issuance platform are fully open source and require no developer experience, enabling the development of dApps that can cater specifically to your company’s needs and mint cryptocurrency into NFTs of your design, be it retail, gaming, DeFi, social media and much more.

No central authority

The NFT issuance platform is fully decentralised and not overruled by a central authority, only running completely on the blockchain; therefore any transaction or message posted belongs solely to you, the user, and cannot be removed or reversed by anyone other than the user.


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Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia