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NFT Consulting

Our NFT consulting experts help you determine the best solution for your next big NFT idea

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Our NFT consulting services

We offer an end-to-end solution to bring your product to life. From ideation and NFT development, to creating a proof-of-concept, launch, and beyond, our NFT consulting experts help turn your emerging NFT idea into a reality.

 NFT Consulting - Blockchain Australia
NFT Consulting

Find out how the right strategies can transform and optimise the growth of your NFT vision.

NFT and blockchain development - Blockchain Australia
NFT and blockchain development

Our experts provide blockchain solutions customised to your unique NFT development needs.

Cryptocurrency - Blockchain Australia

Design a cryptocurrency wallet to power your NFT project, with custom tokens to buy and sell.

NFT Marketing - Blockchain Australia
NFT Marketing

Utilise the power of the blockchain to market and promote your NFTs to potential investors.

NFT Technology - Blockchain Australia
NFT Technology

Learn how our team of experts is creating technology to make NFTs even better.

NFT Legal - Blockchain Australia
NFT Legal

Make sure your NFT idea stays within legislative frameworks with our highly qualified legal experts.

Our NFT consulting services

Whether you’re looking to start your NFT project from the ground up and require consultation from beginning to end, or you want to optimise your existing project, our team of NFT consulting experts understand your unique needs and how to make them thrive in this exciting, rapidly advancing field. Our blockchain experts assist you in every phase from NFT development to building and scaling a digital strategy to meet your business goals and beyond.

With Blockchain Australia, you can be rest assured your NFT vision will come to fruition, with our clear, capable guidance.

  • Flexible approach tailored to your needs

    We help you understand all your options and work the way that suits your business best, adopting a flexible working model to roll with the developments as they occur.

  • A dedicated resource

    Your blockchain consultant will act as your dedicated blockchain resource, available to answer your questions and provide guidance when you need them.

  • Outcomes-driven process

    We get you where you need to go, enabling you to see the bigger picture for your business, and the industry.

Our approach

Whatever your needs, whatever industry you’re in, our NFT consulting services are designed to give you clarity and guidance around the best solution for your business. Here’s how we work with you.


Our NFT consulting experts will meet with you to talk through your unique situation and determine your crypto project’s needs and requirements.


Once we understand your requirements, we get to work developing a plan that will bring your NFT concept to life.


We help you raise the necessary funds to make your idea a reality, and connect you to our network of investors and decentralised finance (DeFi) partners eager to see it come to life.


It’s time to make your solution a reality. We manage the NFT development process for you from start to finish, from design to marketing in virtual spaces spearheaded by the best talent.

Our Clients

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Our Network

We work with leading blockchain technology experts in Australia and around the world. This puts our clients in the most beneficial position, as their combined skills and expertise will power your project. Working together, you can get access to the support, strategy and funding you need to drive success.

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For more information about non-fungible token development, or to access our consulting services, contact Blockchain Australia.

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For more information about non-fungible token development, or to access our consulting services, contact Blockchain Australia.

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Frequently asked questions

An NFT platform works like a digital “marketplace” where people can buy and sell non-fungible tokens. They can host the trade of anything from digital art to collectibles, virtual games and real estate. Non-fungible tokens can usually be transferred between platforms, browsers and servers, but they each have a unique code that works as a signature to authenticate the token on any platform.

Crypto collectibles are a type of non-fungible token. They describe digital assets that people can collect, such as fine art, gaming assets, certificates, and sports memorabilia, where ownership is verified and authenticity is confirmed. Users usually buy these tokens for investment reasons, or because they have a strong affinity to a particular brand or asset.

Non-fungible tokens are trending in the marketplace and we can’t see any signs of them slowing down, which is why new and seasoned investors want a piece of the action. You can launch a basic ERC721 on blockchains, and each platform will have a unique step-by-step guide.

You’ll need some knowledge of the crypto space, and can reach out to Blockchain Australia for help.

Fungible tokens are those that represent a standard value that can be traded in a like-for-like way, such as the Euro or the Australian dollar. They’re interchangeable and not unique; you can swap $5 for $5 and would still have the same value. Non-fungible tokens represent a unique asset (like ownership of a painting). They are not interchangeable and don’t hold the same value as other tokens of the same type.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia