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What is the metaverse?

The idea of a virtual space to manifest the real world in – the broad definition of the ‘metaverse’ has been around since the 1990s with the possibilities of the early internet. But now that technology has risen to such rapid heights, we are that much closer to making those possibilities a reality. In the Metaverse, social networking can achieve its fullest potential: a virtual 3D space where users can connect using their ‘avatars’ to interact with each other, play games, watch movies with augmented reality (AR), learn, shop, and create; all of which will be powered and funded by cryptocurrencies.

Through NFTs, users can have control over their assets that they can trade and use within the metaverse, such as NFT avatars that earn players royalties in video games. Creators have more control over creating and earning content with NFTs in metaverse development, and companies are looking to set up marketplaces offering their own NFTs within this exciting space.

What we offer to launch your entry into the metaverse

Currently, the metaverse is still in its nascent stages; solutions are being looked into to make running and operating metaverse development consume less energy and be more eco-friendly, as well as issues related to user privacy and safety. But in the increasingly virtual-dependent world, the possibility and potential of the metaverse cannot be underestimated, and companies with an eye on the future such as Facebook and Microsoft have already begun venturing into metaverse applications.

With Blockchain Australia, your company can be equipped to tackle these issues and more, while kick-starting your own business in the virtual world to attract consumers through developing NFTs associated with your project.

Purchase your own virtual land - Blockchain Australia
Purchase your own virtual land

Currently, metaverse companies such as Sandbox and Decentraland have begun offering digital real estate within their metaverses as NFTs available for purchase. We’ll help you acquire your own metaverse land NFTs so you can set up your virtual marketplace within partner metaverses.

Set up your own metaverse - Blockchain Australia
Set up your own metaverse

If you’re a company looking to expand your own offerings into your own metaverse, we can help. Through our metaverse development services, we can assist in tokenising company assets as NFTs, setting up cryptocurrency wallets, planning and consulting for enterprises on the blockchain, and much more.

Why join the metaverse?

Many more ways to earn

Creating and trading NFTs is already an essential part of metaverse development, but it opens up so many more possibilities: users can design, build on, broker and invest in digital real estate, use the metaverse to broaden marketing and advertising for their business, set up retail through cryptocurrencies, play to earn video games, and much, much more.

More control over content

With NFTs, content creators now have more control over and ownership of the content they create, and they can use the metaverse to distribute content directly to consumers within the virtual sphere. Video games that already run on the metaverse use NFT avatars to enable players to earn rewards using their uniquely built assets. Within the metaverse, anyone can establish their own space.

Ease of access

Virtual Reality (VR) technology until now was in the domain of a few businesses, but with the metaverse, the availability of VR to businesses has suddenly expanded. Through VR, customers can access retail shops such as clothes and groceries and save time in buying them more easily without the hassle of moving through a physical store. The metaverse helps you visualise a world not bound by social norms – or even the laws of physics.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia