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Surpass the competition with cloud migration for small businesses and enterprises. Achieve productivity, automation and security with Blockchain Australia.

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How could a cloud migration platform impact your business?

Cloud migration for a small business, startup or enterprise has become an essential way to surpass the competition. Of course, so many business owners across Australia are reluctant because they don’t want to risk disrupting business processes, security, compliance or productivity. Luckily, there’s a way you can seamlessly transfer your operations to the cloud; by working with the experts at Blockchain Australia.

Our proven cloud migration models have been designed to accelerate your move. No matter what your business size may be, or how complex your operations are, we have the right solution for you. By providing a tailored platform and the right cloud migration assessment tools, we can provide the automated, cost-effective process that ensures your organisation remains compliant and secure.

Blockchain Australia’s ongoing drive to remain at the forefront of this industry means we continuously offer our clients the most advanced solutions. As technology evolves, so do our services. When you entrust your SaaS cloud migration to us, you’re getting:

  • Access to an industry expert that shares their knowledge with you throughout

  • The use of industry-leading tools and automation

  • An affordable way to optimise, launch and streamline data so you can perform migration workloads of any size, at your own convenience

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Our team of experts

At Blockchain Australia, we’re a blockchain company that’s passionate about helping our clients explore the potentially unlimited possibilities of this new technology. With a combined XX years’ experience working in the technology space, we work with our clients to help you understand, adopt, and harness the potential that blockchain delivers.

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Why SaaS cloud migration from Blockchain Australia works?

We’re committed to providing the highest possible levels of cloud migration security, speed and productivity. Our team of experts understands what it takes to migrate your operations without disrupting your day-to-day processes. It’s this knowledge, combined with our multidisciplinary approach, that makes us the perfect migration partner for large and small businesses in Australia.

A tailored strategy for your needs.

Every business and its workload is unique, so we don’t believe in offering one-size-fits-all cloud migration models. Instead, we’ll study your organisation so we can determine which models and applications are best for you, ensuring that your ROI drives decision-making at every stage. We stay up-to-date with new technologies as they arise so we can turn your vision into a reality.

Unlock business potential

We understand that many businesses are struggling with outdated technologies and rigid architectures, that only prevent your business from maximising its potential. We can help you migrate and modernise your processes, leaving complex and inflexible software in the past. Discover how agile your business could be.

A speedy, sealess process

Our cloud migration platforms adopt innovative technology, so you can develop and release mobile apps and web apps quickly and seamlessly. Work with Blockchain Australia to ensure your operations are agile and scalable, so they can keep up as your business grows. Tap into our analytics expertise at any time to make insight-driven decisions throughout the process.

Manage your cloud migration platform in one place

Whatever scale and workload you’re at, you can manage your public, private and multi-scale cloud environments all in one place. With leading cloud migration security and agility, you can easily transition to a more modern platform. The benefit to your business? Lower costs, enhanced operation ability and increased productivity.

We’re proud to offer services that harness the latest technology, bringing a wealth of benefits to large and small businesses across Australia. In addition to SaaS cloud migration solutions, we also provide Blockchain training to ensure you’re at the forefront of your industry. Contact our team to find out more about our custom technology solutions.

The key requirements for a sucessful migration

We’ve developed a proven method to successfully migrate businesses to the cloud without disrupting or impeding operations. The key building blocks to our services are:

The ability to scale all operations

The ability to migrate across multiple platforms is integral to ensuring cloud migration is the right fit for every business. We offer end-to-end cloud delivery solutions for automated, repeatable workload migration that’s quick and scalable.

Advanced cloud migration security

Your business and the protection of its data is our priority. Blockchain Australia operates on a security-rich framework, using industry best-practices and advanced tools. We adopt innovative cloud migration assessment tools, to ensure all risks are kept to a minimum and address compliance before starting your journey.

Multi-cloud management

Streamline how you work by integrating a single managed service across multiple vendors, using one common migration process to achieve your goals. We work with you to define your cloud roadmap in order to plan your migration in detail. Then, we show you how you can take advantage of your new cloud solutions.

Simplified Migration

While other businesses in Australia come across issues when undergoing cloud migration, working with Blockchain Australia offers a simple, flexible way to move to the cloud. With a broad set of cloud solutions available, our team can provide you with the best option and expert advice, from start to finish.

Modernise your applications

We offer enterprise-level cloud migration for small businesses and more. Modernise your applications and stay ahead of the competition; we offer the best approach for moving workloads so your journey to the cloud is easy and secure. Once you’re there, we provide you with ways to maximise your investment using cloud-native technologies.

On-going support

Blockchain Australia can become your long-term partner in streamlining and automating your business processes. We work with you on business-critical applications, so whenever you require operational support or re-architecturing, our team is on-hand. Working with large volumes of data or complex environments? You can call on our expertise before, during and after the usage of our cloud migration platform.

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We connect you with our network of the world’s leading emerging technology experts, and enable you to take advantage of their skills and expertise to power your business forward. Coming together from different industries, with different backgrounds, we ensure you gain access to the support, strategy, and funding you need to make your project a success.

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Whether it’s an end-to-end blockchain solution for your business, or you need blockchain consulting services to determine where and how our blockchain services can power your business forward, contact Blockchain Australia to discuss your business’ needs.

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Whether it’s an end-to-end blockchain solution for your business, or you need blockchain consulting services to determine where and how our blockchain services can power your business forward, contact Blockchain Australia to discuss your business’ needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud migration testing is the process of testing applications within the cloud environment. It is adopted by developers so they can ensure that newly developed software is functional and compatible with the cloud environment, in comparison with the physical environment. Testers can use this process to detect errors or possible risks, before allowing the application to go live.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud migration platform run by Amazon. Users can migrate their workloads (e.g. applications, websites, servers, etc.) to AWS as a way to manage their data and streamline operations. In addition to providing cloud storage, AWS allows users to run app and web servers in the cloud, and carry out other essential business processes.

Most businesses nowadays have to handle large volumes of data and therefore, need to find ways to scale their operations. Migrating to the cloud helps users automate and accelerate their IT processes, keeping operational costs low and ensuring their storage is secure. A cloud host servicing company is able to hold your entire database, which you can access anytime – from anywhere.

It’s important to be prepared before starting your journey to the cloud, otherwise things can go wrong and business processes can be disrupted. To get ready, first map out your migration strategy to identify your goals and use cases for moving to the cloud. Consider migrating workloads in phases or conducting a pilot run beforehand. You should also create a cloud governance framework to ensure compliance and security are taken care of. We recommend working with a cloud migration provider like Blockchain Australia who can ensure your move is simple and error-free.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia