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Access new markets with Stellar development services

Stellar blockchain technology is dissolving the limits and borders associated with the finance industry. A platform for businesses to develop and build applications, having the power of Stellar and our Stellar development experts behind you could help you play a part in transforming the world of finance.

Running on its own cryptocurrency, the Stellar lumens coin, the platform is an open-source payments technology that aims to connect financial institutions – to make money more fluid and markets more open. With so many opportunities waiting to be grasped, FinTech organisations can work with Blockchain Australia to build the next big thing.

The Stellar protocol exists to enable quick, reliable and low-cost transactions. With a minimal transaction fee and no gas fee, it’s revolutionising the way finance companies operate. We can help you get your project set up quickly, whether you want to develop a global payments app, asset exchange marketplace, micropayment service or something unique to you.

For Stellar development designed around enterprises and startups, connect with the Blockchain Australia team of developers and consultants, and our global network of partners.

What you need to know about Stellar & Stellar lumens coin (XLM)

Stellar works in a similar way to most decentralised payment technologies, except that it doesn’t rely on the entire miner network to approve transactions. Instead, it uses the Federated

Byzantine Agreement (FBA) to speed up transaction processing – so much so that it’s estimated that Stellar can process up to 1000 network operations every second.

Stellar’s primary focus is on developing economies, and is aimed at businesses outside the scope of traditional banking services.

The organisation’s cryptocurrency is known as Stellar lumens coin, which can be traded on various exchanges with the symbol XLM. Right now, it’s one of the best performing altcoins.

Our approach

POC & risk assessment

During the conceptualisation stage, we’ll learn about your project goals and funding needs. Then we’ll connect you with industry professionals in our network to make sure your idea is feasible.


We develop a whitepaper which functions as the roadmap, marketing tool and overall guide for your project. This is where your Stellar development idea comes to life and stands out from the competition.

Platform development

Our Stellar development experts utilise the Stellar protocol to get your project set up quickly and effectively. We’re with you for the entire journey, uncovering the best approaches to move money and access new markets.

Dashboard setup & marketing launch

We set up a user-friendly dashboard so you can monitor your project’s development, and we create anticipation around your launch via relevant marketing channels.

The benefits of Stellar technology

Stellar blockchain technology is designed to enable cross-border payments and digital asset exchanges fast and reliably. The platform delivers a suite of benefits that make Stellar development an attractive route for FinTech businesses.

  • Scalable number of transactions

  • Minimal transaction fees of .00001 XLM

  • Minimal transaction fees of .00001 XLM

  • Public-key cryptography techniques for security

Our services

Stellar consulting - Blockchain Australia
Stellar consulting

Our Stellar development experts provide tailored advice on how you can leverage the technology for secure, efficient transactions.

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Stellar app development - Blockchain Australia
Stellar app development

We use Stellar’s API Server, Horizon and other SDKs to develop applications that can be integrated with existing financial systems.

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Stellar smart contracts - Blockchain Australia
Stellar smart contracts

Stellar smart contracts verify and enable the execution of transactions without the need for a middleman.

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End-to-end support - Blockchain Australia
End-to-end support

From strategy and planning, through to whitepaper development, marketing and ongoing support, Blockchain Australia ensures a smooth, successful Stellar project.

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Ready to discuss your FinTech concept? Contact our Stellar development experts for a free consultation about how we can bring your ideas into the world.

A global network of blockchain partners

Working with Blockchain Australia opens up access to our network of global specialised partners who can share the skills and expertise needed to drive your business forward. We work with experts from different industries and backgrounds, so you can gain access to invaluable support, strategy and funding.

Protocol partners

Our clients

Whether you’re a startup embarking on an industry disruptive platform, or an enterprise that wants to capitalise on the possibilities of Stellar lumens coins, we can help. We’ve worked with major clients across the globe, always bringing our leading technology and expertise to the table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stellar is an open-source, decentralised payment protocol that enables fast, secure and reliable transactions across borders. Transactions take place on the blockchain and can occur between any pairs of currencies. Its native currency is Stellar lumens coin (XLM).

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organisation that was founded to support the growth of the Stellar network. The SDF exists to help maintain Stellar’s codebase, support its communities and act as a speaking partner. Together with the foundation, Stellar aims to make money markets more fluid and accessible. 

Smart contracts built specifically on the Stellar network are known as Stellar smart contracts (SSC). They are computer programs able to automatically execute a transaction or agreement, with SSCs combining transactions with various constraints to achieve the end result.

Cross-border transfers are traditionally complex and expensive, involving intermediaries, conversions and reconciliation of accounts. Stellar’s blockchain enables simultaneous validation to get rid of the usual delays and complexity. Stellar lumens coin is able to provide liquidity and streamline the process, and the protocol has accessible computing and financial requirements, so that even low budget organisations can participate.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia