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The Quorum blockchain platform for enterprise

Quorum is an open-source blockchain platform, made for building enterprise-level solutions in finance and similar industries. A key step towards making blockchain more accessible, Quorum blockchain equips businesses with the power to leverage Ethereum to build high-value applications.

Although not confined to the finance industry alone, Quorum’s open-source nature opens up many of the benefits that this industry needs. That includes enabling faster transactions, higher throughput, trust, transparency, privacy and seamless peer-to-peer communications. 

In order to gain its status as an enterprise blockchain platform, Quorum incorporates several protocol level enhancements that supports the needs of larger businesses. As an open-source project, its code base can be audited by anyone, promoting trust and attracting developers from a range of backgrounds and industries.

Meeting the security, scalability and speed needs of enterprises, Quorum blockchain provides a secure, shared platform on which to build dApps. Our in-house blockchain developers and finance experts can help you develop a disruptive application – get in touch to start the conversation.

Common use cases for Quorum

With extensive experience in Ethereum, our team is able to work on Quorum solutions for a range of permissioned and private blockchain applications. Our Quorum development projects are designed to meet the needs of the wider finance sector, while boosting efficiency and streamlining operations for our partners.

Some common Quorum applications we can help you develop include tokenisation platforms, Stablecoin development, Quorum dApps, P2P digital asset exchange network, and more.

Our approch

POC & risk assessment

During conceptualisation, our consulting and development teams find out more about what you want to achieve, so we can network your project to relevant experts to confirm feasibility.


A whitepaper is the roadmap of your project. It’s where we define what should be included to make your project a success, and we’ll use it as a key marketing tool.


We design and develop your Quorum application, following best practices and up-to-date trends to create an effective application that puts user experience first.

Dashboard setup & marketing launch

Once your application has been released, we set up a dashboard so you can monitor the progress. We’ll also continue marketing to expand your network and garner interest from the right people.

What are the advantages of Quorum blockchain?

Quorum is supported by features that make it an attractive platform for enterprise businesses in finance, banking and related industries. Some of the leading benefits of Quorum include:

  • Transaction-level privacy and network-wide transparency are made possible

  • Quorum can process hundreds of transactions per second, with transaction speeds being configurable to smart contracts and the network configuration

  • The network uses peer-to-peer permissioning with smart contracts, so that only authorised parties can join

Our services

Quorum blockchain app development - Blockchain Australia
Quorum blockchain app development

We build secure, scalable applications on Quorum blockchain to meet your business’ needs.

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Permissioned blockchain development - Blockchain Australia
Permissioned blockchain development

Our permissioned blockchain development services enable you to build next-gen applications that limits access to approved parties.

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Cross-border payments development - Blockchain Australia
Cross-border payments development

Borderless digital payments made easier and cheaper, supported by enhanced privacy.

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Supply chain management development - Blockchain Australia
Supply chain management development

Quorum projects track every stage of the supply chain process, to ensure quality while saving time and money. 

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The Quorum blockchain development framework is built on Ethereum, but addresses the barriers that Ethereum development traditionally faced. To find out how your enterprise could benefit, get in touch.

A network of technology partners

We connect you with our network of emerging technology experts around the globe, who bring together their skills and experience to drive your business to the next level. Depending on your business’ goals, you can reach out to our network for the necessary support, funding and strategy.

Protocol partners

Our Clients

We’ve worked with everyone from startups to enterprise-level organisations. Our consultants can help you choose the best blockchain protocol for your application, with the technology and expertise to achieve your goals. And when you work with us, you’re in good company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quorum blockchain is an enterprise-focused protocol developed by JP Morgan, in order to incorporate more blockchain technology into the financial sector. It is speedy, delivers high throughput and maintains the privacy of participants. Quorum is based on Ethereum and uses smart contracts to facilitate transactions on the blockchain.

Quorum blockchain is targeted at the financial and similar sectors, providing a private/permissioned network on which transactions can take place. It answers many of the needs in finance, such as privacy and transparency, and speed of transactions.

Quorum’s smart contracts can be set to either private or public, and are programmed by a tool called Solidity. Any smart contracts that are originally set to private cannot then be transformed to public – a feature in place to protect organisations that want to ensure their contracts won’t be leaked.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia