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How Blockchain Can Improve The Internet

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The internet is an ever growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Between our personal lives and our working lives, the internet makes up a great deal of how we communicate, market, campaign and manage ourselves, brands and business through a variety of platforms accessible via the internet. With more and more institutions moving their services into the digital space, questions about how to best optimise internet infrastructure is at the forefront of discussion and debate. If the last few years have proved anything, it’s that the internet is far from faultless. It has flaws and weaknesses, some of which are becoming more apparent.

The most common examples of internet faults are:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Network failures
  • Security breaches
  • Data mistrust and leaks
  • Inequality of speed
  • Quality of broadband services
The most common issue with the internet is its lack of identity and authentication mechanisms. If the internet was strongly equipped with these mechanisms it could prevent these cyberspace issues from occurring in the first place. Password authentication systems via the internet are not always safe and secure. Passwords can be hacked and there is a higher risk of data breach as many servers contain our personal information that is only locked by one password. As databases are guarded by one password they are vulnerable to fraud and data breach.

So how do we go about making the internet safe and secure for all?

There are many ways in which Blockchain technology aims to better the internet and its overall security measures, the main form of keeping the internet as secure as possible is to decentralise the internet. How can decentralising the internet through Blockchain technology assist with the betterment of the internet operation and security?
  • Keeping the network safe and secure across all areas
  • Allowing room for the internet to incorporate new technologies that can assist with the overall safety and functioning of the internet
  • Incorporate various authentication processes (that will be ongoing) other than passwords that enable the same user to identify themselves through various security questions every time required to avoid potential breaches and hacking.
  • Free up space to make the internet broad and less congested with bulk information to allow for the internet to become more free-flowing and monitored effectively. If the internet is working under congestion and data and information isn’t being managed properly it is more prone to security and data breaches.
  • Creating a global network through Blockchain technology may help to resolve the inequalities that currently exist.

When it comes to governing the data that exists on the internet, the implementation of Blockchain technology makes the most sense as Blockchain is able to offer:

  • Widening of the technical parameters of the internet is integral to increased confidence in user-data relationships.
  • Using smart contracts to improve the authenticity of transactions and verification of transaction processes.
  • Storing unique records of identity that are not susceptible to cyber threat or attack.
  • Blockchain will eventually eradicate the need for usernames and passwords that change from site to site.

The incorruptible nature of Blockchain technology means that domains naturally become more secure. The current public-key infrastructure requires sites obtain a Certificate Authority to verify themselves.

Using Blockchain as a global distribution mechanism for public keys and digital certificates would render them completely secure. Protection from cyber threats is integral in our digital landscape. As Blockchain technology continues to emerge as a viable alternative to current internet frameworks, there still remains the question of how to protect yourself from current threats. Our recommendation: Consult IT specialists like Teksupport that specialise in safeguarding your data against cyberattacks like Ransomware.

To learn more about how Blockchain technology is revolutionising the overall safety and security of the internet through its various mechanisms, contact Australia’s leading Blockchain experts via phone on: 1300 462 562

Blockchain Australia is leading the way in Blockchain education and implementation.
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia ™

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The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia ™