Meet Our Team

At Blockchain Australia we are dedicated to the growing industry of Blockchain and pride ourselves as established technology leaders with a passion for delivering enterprise solutions that have the potential to transform businesses, industries, and our society as a whole. Our mission is to become leaders in the Australian Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading domain. We are eager to help businesses grow and we share a passion for coding, creating, and connecting people to the future of technology.


Ralph Kalsi


As the Founder of Blockchain Australia, Ralph brings over 10 years of management experience and comprehensive expertise in Blockchain technology, digital marketing, leadership, and sales consultancy. Ralph is very passionate about working with businesses and helping them achieve their goals in all areas of Blockchain development.


Nadeem Shaikh


Nadeem has over 10 years of diverse professional experience working with multiple technologies, including cloud platforms AWS, AZURE, and GCP. He has worked on various Blockchain platforms to develop multiple enterprise solutions.

Sean Bennett


A native of New Zealand, Sean manages Stronghold’s development and compliance teams in San Francisco and Christchurch, New Zealand. He is also the Compliance Officer for the business, handling BSA/AML program implementation. Since founding the Stellar blockchain’s first ‘stablecoin’ provider in 2014, he has focused on integrating traditional payment rails with modern technologies.


Ravi Sharma


A professional known for strategic and participative management style, leading organisations in competitive environments and achieving great results.
A versatile thinker and analyser in establishing superior operating procedures for better productivity. A team player and a keen learner who believes in regularly updating skills.


Adam Mazzocchetti

Cyber Consultant

Curiously passionate human behavioralist/social hacker and blockchain security specialist who is constantly seeking to help bring much needed public awareness around the global information security best practices pandemic. Oh yeah, and I am a retired senior level chef that career changed….. Life’s to short not to explore new things.


John Bassilios

legal consultant

HAll & Wilcox

Financial Services, Funds Management, Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto Currencies, Corporate and Commercial, ICO, STO, IEO, Crypto Funds

I have taken a keen interest in Blockchain and crypto currencies having advised clients on the establishment of crypto currency funds, establishing crypto currency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and operating ICO marketing platforms.

Pranav Sharma

Financial Advisor

Woodstock Fund is a Multi-Asset Investment Fund focused on investments in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We invest in tokens (Utility & Security), Equity & Convertibles in both listed & unlisted space. We work diligently alongside our portfolio companies to help them scale and grow their ecosystem. Woodstock Fund’s current investments include Holochain, Elrond, Marlin Protocol, Casper Labs & Band Protocol.

Lester Abalos

Chief Marketing Officer

Passionate marketing strategist and advisor with expertise working with small to medium enterprises SME’s, developing digital marketing strategies that capture market share, achieve revenue growth and business outcomes.