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At Blockchain Australia we are dedicated to the growing industry of Blockchain and pride ourselves as established technology leaders with a passion for delivering enterprise solutions that have the potential to transform businesses, industries, and our society as a whole. Our mission is to become leaders in the Australian Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading domain. We are eager to help businesses grow and we share a passion for coding, creating, and connecting people to the future of technology.


Ralph Kalsi
Founder & Head Of Growth

As the Founder of Blockchain Australia, Ralph brings over 10 years of management experience and comprehensive expertise in Blockchain technology, digital marketing, leadership, and sales consultancy. Ralph is very passionate about working with businesses and helping them achieve their goals in all areas of Blockchain development.

Nadeem Shaikh
CTO / Blockchain Developer

Nadeem has over 10 years of diverse professional experience working with multiple technologies, including cloud platforms AWS, AZURE, and GCP. He has worked on various Blockchain platforms to develop multiple enterprise solutions.

Cory-Dean West
Digital Strategist

Cory-dean has experience working with some of Australia’s leading businesses as a digital strategist, business development manager, and sales consultant. He maintains a strong business insight focusing on analysing data streams and metrics to achieve positive outcomes with high conversion strategies and a longevity of culture in mind.

Rantej Kandola
Rantej Kandola
Head Of Marketing

With an extensive background in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, CRO, Web Design, and Project Management, Rantej has almost a decade of experience growing businesses through data analytics and delivering powerful search strategies. Rantej’s broad understanding of business needs and the ability to critically analyse a digital presence makes him an expert in developing measurable marketing goals.

Nick Rattan
Blockchain Business Analyst

Nick has over 5 years of experience working in Digital IT Sector. I worked as Business Analyst and Project Manager, improving products and services for the customers by using advanced analytics, standing up big-data analytical tools, creating and maintaining models, and onboarding compelling new data sets. I’m well-versed in negotiations, planning and development, relationship management, operations, and logistics coordination and scheduling.

Nick Karavias
Graphic Designer

Nick is an experienced Marketing professional, with significant experience in the Design space. Having established himself within some of Melbourne’s most reputable agencies, Nick has cultivated a keen eye for detail, making him a respected designer and developer. Nick is widely known for his creativity, methodical approach, and design expertise. Living and working in Melbourne has allowed Nick to work on a variety of different industries including beauty & cosmetics, finance, construction, fashion & retail and many more.

Nipun Perera
Blockchain Web App Developer

As an Information and Communication Technology graduate with leadership training and experience, Nipun possesses excellent problem solving skills and specialises in creatively formulating effective solutions. Nipun’s widespread experience includes android and web application expertise, PPC development, and performance management.

Ainslee Baruhas
Digital PR & Outreach Specialist

Ainslee is an enthusiastic Professional Communications graduate with a skillset specialising in public relations, media, advertising, and journalism. Her passion for writing and creating has been developed through university and various work experience opportunities relevant to the communications industry.


Ravi Sharma
Financial Advisor

A professional known for strategic and participative management style, leading organisations in competitive environments and achieving great results.
A versatile thinker and analyser in establishing superior operating procedures for better productivity. A team player and a keen learner who believes in regularly updating skills

Enterprise Advisor

PK has 9+ years of expertise in Blockchain, specializing in Enterprise Blockchain Architecture, ERC and EIP token standards, Mechanism design, Smart Contract development, Blockchain strategy, and Distributed Ledger infrastructure services.

Sameer Gupta

Working closely with businesses entities and Startups and help them define business goals, develop financial model and growth strategy. Assist entities to grow their business geographically. Help them in formulating Global market strategy and provide market access support, international investor connect and legal help to establish and run the entity. Mentor enterprises including SME and startups, to successfully build their business.

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