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As blockchain technology and tokenisation continues to emerge, investment opportunities and prospects have skyrocketed.

STO’s are a financial instrument that has an intrinsic monetary value. They are a way to own part of a business without actually taking control of it.

For businesses and start-ups STOs are a way to inject short-term capital into your next project or venture. This allows you to reach your businesses objectives without relying on intermediaries.

An STO represents the ownership of investment information that is stored on a blockchain platform. This makes STO’s decentralised, secure and immutable.

Marketing measures need to be put in place early to attract accredited investors and launch a successful STO platform. Without marketing your security token may be lost on the market and remain as a cost to your business instead of transform and digitise your business on the stock exchange.

Blockchain Australia Solutions uses the latest digital marketing tools and a team of experts to promote your platform and generate interest in your offering. We have helped many of our clients increase their profit margins and develop cryptocurrency and tokens with our highly developed marketing strategies.

Security Token Offering Australia

Consultation & Planning

We have a marketing and consulting team behind us that can implement verifiable marketing strategies for your STO. Our blockchain consultants work with you to develop and launch your project and start to market it early on for the best results.

STO Audience & Investor Analysis

For a successful STO, it’s imperative to promote your offering to the right investor audience and fund managers. Our marketing and consulting professionals will help you to navigate this investor landscape and do the market analysis to set you up for success.

Strategy & Execution

Our team formulates a strategy to distinguish your offering in the market. We advertise your platform on multiple social and digital channels and employ outreach strategies to grow your network.

Investor Pitching & Branding

We can help you to create pitches to potential investors and effectively market your platform to showcase your brand values


Social Media Management

Strengthen your creditability & digital footprint with a positive social impact. Our consultant team can help implement and manage social media strategies that will put you in front of your competitors.

Public Relations

Our outreach experts will help to manage your digital reputation and distribute relevant press releases related to your security token offering.

Event Management

From pitches to roadshows we’ll manage your event appearances and leverage offline opportunities to showcase your offering.


It’s important to enhance your company’s image prior to launching an STO. Showcasing your values and vision will improve your chances of attracting the right investors. Our marketing professionals will help with the branding or rebranding of your business to not only attract the right investors but improve your user engagement, customer base and digital reputation.


Assign authority to your business and STO with our content services. We’ll create and promote specialised articles, blogs and videos about your business and offering to a targeted audience.

Email Marketing

We promote and remarket your campaign to a targeted audience base through our email marketing efforts. Additionally, our marketing blockchain consultants will demonstrate and teach you how to use this technique to have continued support and build brand loyalty within your customer base.

For a Security Token Marketing Agency that is committed to getting you the right kind of investor interest, contact Blockchain Australia Solutions today.




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