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Blockchain Australia is an agency specialising in custom mobile app development so you can set yourself apart from the competition.

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Mobile app development company, Australia

In today’s business landscape, simply having an online presence isn’t enough. It’s important for startups and enterprises across Australia to find new ways to reach their customers, through the channel they use most; mobile. Blockchain Australia is an agency specialising in custom mobile app development so you can set yourself apart from the competition.

We’re proud to be one of the leading experts in both iPhone and Android app development, helping business owners, marketers and CEOs achieve their goals with smarter mobile solutions.

How a professional app developer could benefit your business

When you’re looking for a mobile app development company in Australia, look no further than Blockchain Australia. We’ve built up an impressive portfolio of custom mobile application development solutions for organisations across the country, enabling them to achieve their goals and offer something unique to their customers. Both our web application development and mobile app development services are tailored to you, ensuring you’re able to bring something unique to the market.

We can bring your own app idea to life, or work with you to develop a product you love. Then, we adopt an agile approach and meticulous attention-to-detail to undertake the design and development process, keeping you in the loop at every stage. Everything we do is driven by your target audience and their needs, as well as your business’ process and its goals. When you want an app builder you can trust, and a cost-effective, user-friendly product is important to you, partner with Blockchain Australia.

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How iPhone and Android mobile application development works

There are huge opportunities for business owners to tap into new markets, choosing between iPhone and Android app development (or both). Our agency works with you to develop innovative mobile apps customised to your needs, so you can offer your services to iPhone, iPad and Android users. Offering the best end-to-end solutions for both iOS app development and Android applications, we provide unique solutions that can be integrated with existing systems. Our team of app developers are experts in the field of iOS and Android platforms, and can suggest the most effective approach for your business. With a focus on productivity and profitability, your business can advance to the next level with our mobile application development process.

Your dedicated app developer

You’ll work closely with an app developer who will take the time to understand your customer’s pain points and your business objectives. Based within our Australian agency team, our app maker will discover ways to turn your ideas into a customer-facing app, developing an innovative strategy to achieve the ROI you want. Start the conversation today to find out how we can help you increase engagement and conversions for your company.

End-to-end solutions

Our custom mobile app development services include design, development, implementation, testing and ongoing maintenance of your product. We’re with you throughout the entire journey and once the app has been launched, we make sure it runs perfectly, checking for any bugs along the way. You can rest assured that our team is on-hand to answer any questions or concerns you have about the app builder process throughout our partnership.

What makes a successful app?

It’s important that your app stands out in such a noisy market. When there’s so much competition out there, you have to choose a mobile app development company in Australia that knows what it takes to develop the best app that goes the distance. We consider ways to achieve the following 4 elements when creating your product:

  • Attraction
  • Retention
  • Engagement
  • Virality
Enterprise mobility solutions

We empower you with the tools you need to manage your business wherever you are, whenever you want. Our enterprise mobility solutions are designed to accelerate and streamline your business processes, so you can boost productivity and improve ROI. Whether you’re new to the world of mobile application development or you already have some knowledge, our team will ensure you know everything you need to run your app yourself – from anywhere.

Blockchain Australia is proud to be a leading mobile app development company, providing innovative solutions to forward-thinking businesses across Australia. Call our team to find out more about how you can adopt the latest technologies to become an industry leader.

Our agile methodology

We’ve developed an agile approach to custom mobile app development solutions, so we can deliver the efficiency you expect. Over the years, our method has been proven to lead to effective mobile apps and keep risks to a minimum. Our approach – designed to deliver timely solutions that meet your goals – follows this framework:

Develop a workflow

The initial phase involves defining a workflow or project roadmap. Your workflow puts your requirements into a plan-of-action, pinpointing your goals and how we intend to reach them. At this stage, we’ll also be able to suggest approximate delivery timeframes for each task.

Gain an understanding of the user journey

We work with you to understand how you expect the average user to interact with your app. We’ll consider things like why and when someone would need to use your mobile app, and the steps they would take to complete their goals. This will help our app developer define the features and functionality of the product.

Ensure all security requirements are in place

It’s important to us that your business, your customers and their data are properly protected. We develop a security report to ensure we mitigate any associated risks. Once this is complete, we can begin defining the features and functionalities of your mobile app. This covers how users will interact with the product to ensure it works seamlessly and is 100% user-friendly.

Establish the technology behind the app

We carry out extensive usability studies while developing the technology behind your mobile app. The Blockchain Australia technical development team will define the structure of the application and the processes needed to successfully launch it. We’ll explain the technical specifications to you in a way you understand, even if you’re completely new to this sort of technology.

The app development process

This is where we launch either the iPhone or Android app development process, depending on which system we’re tapping into for your business. Preceding this, we’ll create a visual guide so you can clearly see the user interface and features, to get a picture of how your customers will interact with your app. Then, we go on to create the best application architecture and framework, customising every aspect as we go along.

Testing and maintenance

We beta test the app and carry out ongoing bug fixing wherever necessary. This is to ensure your product runs like a dream, has a robust level of security and is responsive to the user. If we notice any bugs or glitches, we’ll take care of them here.

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We connect you with our network of the world’s leading emerging technology experts, and enable you to take advantage of their skills and expertise to power your business forward. Coming together from different industries, with different backgrounds, we ensure you gain access to the support, strategy, and funding you need to make your project a success.

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Whether it’s an end-to-end blockchain solution for your business, or you need blockchain consulting services to determine where and how our blockchain services can power your business forward, contact Blockchain Australia to discuss your business’ needs.

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Whether it’s an end-to-end blockchain solution for your business, or you need blockchain consulting services to determine where and how our blockchain services can power your business forward, contact Blockchain Australia to discuss your business’ needs.

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Frequently asked questions

A mobile app (mobile application) is a software program you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. It may come already built into your phone’s functions, or you may be able to download the app via an app store. There are paid and free applications available, and they carry out tasks such as games, entertainment, fitness trackers and organisation/productivity tools.

As mobile applications become more mainstream for companies in Australia and across the world, the cost to build an app may be lower than you think. The actual cost varies, as most developers offer custom solutions. The price tends to be based on factors such as the preferred development platform, the type of app, the complexity of design and added features. There will usually be an initial fee to build the app, and there may be maintenance fees along the way.

Startups and enterprises with a mobile app give their customers a new way to interact with/use their services, even when they’re on-the-go. They provide information faster than the time it takes to log onto a website, and can deliver a personalised, immersive experience. Your business may be able to reduce costs and increase productivity by developing a mobile app.

We’re living in a mobile era and more consumers prefer to find information using their mobile device. An app has a number of benefits over a website, such as speed, enhanced personalisation and interactive features. Businesses can use mobile apps to stay in the minds of their customers, by taking advantage of tools like notifications and the ability to connect while customers are offline.


The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

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