Security Token Offering (STO)

Security Token Offering (STO)

Security Token Offerings (STO) is the latest innovation in the Blockchain revolution. Funds raised from STO’s are already numbered in the hundreds of millions. Increasingly emerging as a powerful tool for businesses, STO’s function as a safe, secure way to gain investment interest and raise capital.

STO’s are ground-breaking in the crypto sphere as they provide investors with tangible legal rights functioning as real financial products. STO’s are cryptographic security tokens that take their value from tradable, outside assets. They have the ability to generate profit, pay dividends and invest in other tokens depending on how the underlying tokens are programmed.

STO is an authentic alternative to private equity and because it exists in the Blockchain it exists in a decentralized, secure system. As the tokens generated by an STO represent regulated financial products, tokens are supported by the revenue and assets of the token-holder, giving investors more confidence than ever before.

If your business is looking to raise some much needed capital or take control of your assets and you want to go about it using the most transparent system in the world, BlockChain Australia can help. Experts in all things crypto, BlockChain Australia uses the latest tokenization technology to assist you with your STO platforms that are tailored to your businesses needs.

Types Of STO


Used to generate funds, this kind of token signifies a payback agreement between the token-holder and coin-holder.


Tokens supported by real assets. Signify token-holder rights.


Tokens that get their value from tangible assets.


Tokens that can rotate between debt and equity.

Types Of Asset That Can Be


Art tokenization is changing the nature of art investment. Tokenization allows platforms like galleries or artists themselves to offer fractional ownership on works of art that function as shares that can then change in value.


Tokenizing creates a greater opportunity for businesses to pursue new ideas with greater access to investors. Tokenization gives power to token-holders as they are able to manage their investment funds without the interference from traditional intermediaries.


The tokenization of assets has been a game-changer for the real estate industry. Whilst traditionally real estate has been limited to a small investment base, asset tokenization is making real-estate investment globally accessible giving it the potential.


Mining repository assets are primed for tokenization as they are illiquid. The future of commodity trading lies in the tokenization of assets such as gold, silver, diamonds and renewable energy.


Stable Coins are cryptocurrencies whose value is derived from stable assets such as gold and currencies. A progressive feature of the digital currency market, stable coins can be also be tokenized.


The tokenization of antique items allows token-holders to diversify their investment prospects. Without the conventional process of auctions/sales, tokenization allows for direct transactions and fractional ownership.

STO Services

As industry leaders, Blockchain Australia is at the forefront of STO development and is confident in building platforms that are legally compliant and investor friendly.

Blockchain Australia is excited by the growth of asset tokenization in the crypo-sphere and can help you commodify your real-life assets on the Blockchain. Dividing your assets into digital tokens is a viable way to access new markets. In fact, the World Economic Forum forecasts that in the next decade, $10 trillion worth of financial products will be tokenized, making STOs the future.

With ongoing consultation and support, Blockchain Australia will be with you every step of the way. From developing your STO to marketing it and sustaining it’s expansion, our experts take care of it all.

Types of STO Services- (This part can be amended depending on the Services Blockchain Australia Offer)



Blockchain Australia creates tailored STO platforms using scalable Blockchain technology like Ethereum without the interference of counterparties. Blockchain Australia will ensure that you receive sufficient advice to understand regulatory requirements. With extensive experience in the crypto world, Blockchain Australia is qualified in overcoming protocol challenges that may occur in the development process.


What makes Security Tokens so unique is the fact that they are essentially a programmable, regulated, smart security.  Blockchain Australia constantly endeavours to provide legality and safety in our STO platform development.



Blockchain Australia develops Equity Tokens to raise capital for your next project or idea. The development of ETO allows you to garner interest and investment in accordance with well-understood capital raising regulations, using a programmable smart security. Investors can invest confidently knowing that tokens are programmed to protect their rights.


Blockchain Australia develops Token Asset Offering using official investor certification, KYC/AML compliance process and transparent rights.


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