Retail & Wholesale

Blockchain poses as a viable solution to supply chain industries that traditionally rely on third-parties.

Retail & Wholesale

Supply chain industries are already benefiting from blockchain technology to streamline their processes and enhance transparency. This will have a domino effect on retail and wholesale industries respectively. In addition to changes to the supply chain, blockchain has the capacity to offer retailers horizontal functions in areas such as payment, customer relationships and data. Blockchain Australia is committed to applying blockchain technology to the retail and wholesale industries to facilitate the growing emphasis on ethical production and logistical efficiency.

Supply Chain

The rise of ethical consumerism and production has seen dramatic changes in the way supply chains are operated. Supply chains currently rely on digital infrastructure so that companies can track and monitor the journey of their products. Despite the digitalisation of the supply chain, product visibility is still a huge problem faced by wholesalers.

We believe blockchain technology can solve many of the problems plaguing the supply chain industry. Blockchain implementation would synchronise all network transactions and data, removing the need for third-party intervention. Eliminating intermediaries means giving wholesalers more power and control. It would strengthen a brand’s transparency and inadvertently their relationship with their customer. Blockchain’s technology would also decrease the chances of product exploitation and counterfeiting due to its incorruptible data recording capabilities.

Branded Currency

Branded currency in the form of coupons, gift cards and customer loyalty cards are hurtling towards a cashless future, with blockchain technology at its core. Blockchain systems can be used to explore brand crypto wallets, whereby customer points, gift cards and rewards are stored on a unified, secure system. Blockchain implementation allows us to envision the cross-border exchange of gift cards and loyalty points.

Customer Satisfaction

Blockchain Australia can assist in building stronger relationships between brand and customer. The offering of blockchain technology allows customers to track products more effectively and has been proven to increase delivery times and efficiency. Blockchain’s decentralized data ledger will also provide greater data protection for customers. Blockchain Australia gives consumers the power over what kind of data is shared and who can purchase it. Blockchain technology allows customers to track their data and be the overseer who decides how their data is used.

Contracts & Payments

Blockchain has already had a huge effect on the finance industry with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, which has demonstrated how effective blockchain can be used to track, trade and retain digital currency. E-commerce is at the forefront of the latest innovations in automation and payments, as the industry continues to grow and expand in the global market. Blockchain Australia can implement a system to simplify cross-border and micro-payments. Blockchain Australia can facilitate self-executing smart contracts to streamline payments and increase transparency.




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