Developing your Idea

Moving through three critical stages in creating a PoC from concept to end, where users may test the application for themselves, our team are able to translate, build and deliver the final product. We use:

Building Proposals

To secure a clear idea of the viability of the project, theoretical proposals are used in order to demonstrate that viability to stakeholders and possible end-users.

Prototype Exploration

Once the theoretical process is complete, we now have a clear idea of stakeholder expectation. At this point, it is possible to begin the first stages of design. The prototype phase includes everything from sketching and app architecture to the testable product.

Minimum Viable Product Drops

Essential to successful development, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product with the bare essential features, that is used by testers or early users. An MVP helps the developers to build on the product in accordance with the feedback that testers and early users return from it.

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