A cryptoprocessor that transfers funds from the customer’s wallet to vendor’s wallet – instantly.

Business Profile

Emerging on the crypto scene to address customer pain points related to time, costs and security, PayScript was built to enable merchants to start accepting cryptocurrencies on their website, POS and mobile apps. PayScript is set to disrupt the way consumers pay for goods and services, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.


Business Scenario

It is estimated that Australians spent $28.22 billion on online retail in 20181. Traditional payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe are expensive; they take a variety of fees 2 including interchange fees, merchant bank fees, assessment fees and a dollar amount for every transaction process. This means that both the customer and the vendor could end up with significantly less than they expected, once the transaction is completed.

PayScript was built to offer a more efficient payment solution. It’s an easy-to-use, instant and secure crypto payment gateway that allows merchants to accept crypto currencies as payments on eCommerce websites, invoices and POS systems. Operating on blockchain-based technology, the gateway accepts cryptocurrency and can convert it into regular currency.

This is a huge leap for vendors and customers that want to easily buy and sell goods online using cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and Ethereum. Whether buying and selling in retail industries like fashion, lifestyle or electronics, or using software services like WordPress, payments can now be processed faster than ever before.

PayScript wanted to deliver a cryptoprocessor that was able to overcome every common customer challenge. That meant building a solution that could not only integrate easily with other software, but also provide auto coin conversion, a multi-coin wallet, and a simple user interface. We focused on developing a solution that would offer a multitude of benefits and be so easy to use that it encourages more shoppers to enter the cryptocurrency space.


“Due to a lack of easy-to-use, trustworthy crypto payment gateways, the majority of merchants are forced to stop accepting cryptocurrencies as payments.”

Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream in Australia, which is currently 13th globally for BTC currency by volume 3.

The Solution

As a leading provider in blockchain consulting and enterprise solutions in Australia, Blockchain Australia Solutions was the clear partner for PayScript. By working closely with the client, we were able to convert PayScript’s ambitious vision into a fully functional product.

The senior consultants at Blockchain Australia Solutions analysed the current payment gateway market to identify inefficiencies and pinpoint what the market was missing. Following in-depth research, we built a wireframe and a prototype, which underwent thorough reviews and user testing, before going live with the final product. The solution was an easy-to-use, reliable cryptocurrency payment gateway.

The aim was to leverage the low-cost, speedy transactions that are possible using the decentralised system to deliver a fast, secure and user-friendly way to buy and sell goods or services online or in person.

The Process

Create Payscript Account

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Wait For Payment

Customers will be redirected to payments page

Request Payment

There are several ways to request payments using Payscript. You can use it on your website, by email or in person at your store

Get Paid

Payment is sent to the merchant’s Payscript wallet immediately

Key Features

  • Transparent transactions
  • Decentralised system
  • Automatic transfer of funds
  • Secure & reliable
  • Low transaction fees & no chargebacks
  • Customer and merchant data is safe
  • Easy implementation
  • Compatible with about 20 cryptocoins
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime

“A fast integration process, low fees and a huge list of cryptocurrencies; switching to PayScript is a no-brainer for consumers and retailers alike.”

Business Benefits

  • Decentralised system records transactions under one network, eliminating intermediaries to reduce fees & processing times.
  • Fast, streamlined process to receive funds into your designated crypto wallet.
  • Secure system & data protection.
  • Accept crypto payments anywhere, including on your website, by email or in-person
  • Reduced risks associated with third parties.
  • Instant confirmations so payments are processed faster than ever before.
  • Vaults available to protect your coins.
  • Auto conversions are available, so you can avoid conversion fees and save time.
  • Point of sale (POS) – simple interface for in-person transactions.
  • Multi-coin wallet sto store your coins in a secure online wallet.
  • Whitelabel opportunities so businesses can integrate payment gateway with current service offerings.

Accepted coins

PayScript continues to add more accepted coins to its offering, and soon retailers will be able to receive payment by at least 20 different cryptocoins.


About Blockchain Australia Solutions

Blockchain Australia Solutions is a technology company that provides consulting and enterprise solutions built on blockchain platforms for corporate, enterprise and ASX businesses. Founded in 2017 as an early advocate and pioneer for the technology, we currently have offices across 4 Australian states, with over 5 years of blockchain experience.

We help clients develop an idea into a fully functional product. By requesting a proof of concept (PoC), you can validate whether the chosen architecture serves your business needs, identify weaker aspects and find ways to improve them. With a proof of value (PoV), you can gain an understanding about whether blockchain is the right fit for your business, estimate risks and predict ROI. To get early feedback from end users and prove feasibility and relevance in the market, we’ll start by developing a minimum viable product (MVP) for you.

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