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Blockchain Australia announces official VC affiliation with fully decentralised IDO launchpad platform, SolanaPrime

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We are pleased to announce that Blockchain Australia is now an official VC partner of SolanaPrime, the most resource-efficient mainstream market ecosystem. Together, they aim to develop their own businesses even further and in turn, bring more revolutionary advancements into the blockchain industry.

As a leading blockchain consulting and solutions organisation of Australia, Blockchain Australia has held the vision of reinventing businesses and economies, along with the society as a whole, with our innovative solutions rooted in transformative technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

With a highly-skilled, experienced, and strong team of developers, consultants, judicial officials, digital marketers, and more such professionals, we offer optimised blockchain solutions tailored towards the requirements of clients that take all shapes and sizes – startups and entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, as well as VC firms. Our diverse solutions range from developing blockchain-based strategies, and converting real-world assets like art, VC funds, real estate, etc. into security token (STO) offerings to NFT development and consulting, and legal assistance.

The Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at SolanaPrime, Ramiro Gamen, is absolutely thrilled with this partnership – 

“SolanaPrime has the ambitious mission of becoming the primary market gateway for the next generation of DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse dApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem. Working with Blockchain Australia will highlight opportunities and promising Solana projects in the region [Australia], as well as further drive the promises of blockchain technology and the Solana ecosystem.”

Blockchain Australia’s substantial experience in the blockchain market, blockchain advocacy and education, and extensive international network partnered with SolanaPrime’s academic expertise and innovative technology, will enable crypto users around the world to attain premium quality blockchain initiatives, leading to a solid blockchain influence globally. We are confident that this collaboration will soon take the world towards a better, crypto-powered future.

About Blockchain Australia:

Blockchain Australia is one of the pioneering blockchain advisory and innovation firms in Australia. We provide legislative, consulting, technological, marketing, and incubation services essential for the development of all Blockchain or Crypto-based businesses. Our objective at Blockchain Australia is to pave the way in the adaptation of progressive technology and to build a technological future for Australia. We also offer blockchain education services to enhance native expertise and knowledge in Australia with the goal of turning it into one of the top technologically advanced countries on the planet.

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About SolanaPrime:

SolanaPrime is a fully decentralised IDO launchpad infrastructure fueled by Solana. It was conceived to be the ultimate launchpad, complete with built-in solutions to address the scalability and efficiency issues that plague conventional launchpad configurations. Instead of implementing trial and error methods, SolanaPrime uses scholarly intellect and original ideas to solve the issues generated by the rapidly developing launchpad sector. With a strong background in the field and vast industry experience, they aim to become the most efficient, venture-funding Web3 platform out there.

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The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi
Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia