Blockchain implementation is set to completely transform the healthcare industry. The incorruptible nature of blockchain technology makes the idea of a common health information database feasible.

Health care

The application of blockchain systems in the healthcare industry reduces the time spent doing admin whilst increasing security and privacy. Data is complex and Blockchain Australia is committed to providing complete security when it comes to health information. The sensitivity of health data makes it vulnerable to fraud and theft and impairs the ability of health practitioners to do their job. Blockchain Australia provides solutions to many of the problems plaguing the healthcare industry with its data protection and management capabilities.



Data Security

Current digital infrastructure is ill-equipped to manage patient records and information. With healthcare institutions continuing to be an easy target for cyber-attacks, Blockchain technology is the key to keeping health data secure and private. The cryptographic principles of blockchain mean that health records are able to be stored in a decentralised, electronic, immutable system. Blockchain Australia can apply this technology to safeguard the data and privacy of patients around the country.

Claims & Billing

Blockchain technology automates the billing process by eradicating the need for intermediaries. Blockchain Australia can implement systems that make processing more efficient and secure in addition to creating a decentralised ledger that allows patients and providers to view and track claim and billing history.

Data Management

Blockchain Australia is committed to providing patients and practitioners with a one-stop way to access their entire medical history, including all providers they’ve previously visited. Blockchain eradicates the need to have various different versions of patient medical records across different facilities. Implementing blockchain technology saves time and lives as there is no need for the duplication of records. Rather, the same information is available to all healthcare providers, without fear of corruptibility.

Medical Research

Currently, medical data is stored on a range of disconnected servers meaning there is no way to accurately collate and process data that could influence future treatment possibilities. Patient data and outcomes (with their permission) could be automated on a blockchain system to identify patterns and possible research opportunities.




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