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Blockchain Australia Solutions have an enterprise consultancy service to equip you with the knowledge and technical skills to implement enterprise blockchain solutions into your business. With partnerships with leading industry proponents, developers and businesses, we’ll take you through the philosophy behind enterprise blockchain, the different models of application, its technical backbone and relevant use cases from around the world. .


Enterprise blockchain solutions function as a viable and applicable innovation that is already transforming a range of industries. Key features of blockchain technology such as its decentralisation, immutability and transparency make it an attractive alternative to current enterprise systems that are failing to adapt to the demands of our increasingly technologically driven world.

Blockchain Australia Solutions specialises in providing education and training in all aspects of blockchain consultancy services and technology. We are passionate about facilitating meaningful business objectives for companies wanting to adopt and explore the unmatched possibilities of this emerging technology.

What Is Enterprise Blockchain?

To define what enterprise blockchain is and how it differs from traditional conceptions of blockchain, it’s important to first define the distinction between public and private chains. Public chains are the model that most are familiar with when they think of blockchain technology.

Public Chain

Public chains exist within a completely open ecosystem which anyone can join or contribute to. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin function within a public chain system. This model, however, is not suited to enterprise purposes for several reasons. Storage issues, throughput problems and the openness of public blockchain systems fail to adhere to the functionalities that are required for enterprise application.

These problems hinder the number of transactions that are possible on the system and present security challenges for businesses. This presents significant scalability concerns as the consensus protocol limits the speed and transactional capacity of the system. Businesses require a greater level of control over who is able to access their blockchain systems. This is where a private blockchain model becomes pertinent to enterprise development.

Private Chain

Private chains refer to permissioned blockchain networks like function like corporate intranets that are only accessible to internal parties. Individuals must gain permission to enter a private chain system, restrictions are then put into place to monitor and regulate the people in the system.

Private chains have been designed to meet the needs of enterprise, as they have the technical requirements needed for that specific type of application. These technical necessities include things like high-performance capabilities, resilience and privacy. These considerations are necessary for enterprise blockchain application.

  • High Performance: Public blockchains have been proven to be insufficient when it comes to handling high volumes of transactions. To reach a transactional capacity that meets enterprise demands, it’s important to ensure you have blockchain infrastructure with faster consensus protocols and efficient on-boarding processes.
  • Resilience: Enterprise blockchains need to avoid outages and downtimes by strengthening the platform’s resilience. This can be done by deploying redundant peer nodes and clustered ordering services.
  • Privacy: Enterprise blockchain systems are permission-based platforms, which means that safeguarding members privacy and data. By employing encryption methods for all the stored data on the system this would authenticate the platform and keep it safe from security breaches.

Hybrid Blockchain

For companies that require a more specialised approach and need aspects from both models. This model is where aspects from public and private blockchain solutions meet, known as hybrid blockchain solutions.

This model allows a platform to have all the freedoms of a public blockchain with restricted or regulated access. The platform would, therefore, remain decentralised but have restrictions on the visibility of information. This model is suited to more regulated markets where functions of the public and private model are needed.

A hybrid blockchain model is useful for businesses or industries that exist in a highly regulated climate. The technology can link decentralised economies using a public blockchain model with centralised markets. In this way, a hybrid system allows regulated entities to use private blockchain networks that have limited data-access capabilities while also being able to connect and interact with any public blockchain where needed.

Enterprise Consultancy

Many high-profile companies are already implementing PoCs for enterprise blockchain platforms and pilot programs. With the landscape constantly evolving, it’s important to stay ahead of blockchain developments and innovations. It’s also imperative to have developers and experts behind you that can assess the suitability of blockchain technology for your enterprise application and then evaluate each model of blockchain technology in relation to your objectives. Then you can begin to develop a use case and project projection.

Here at Blockchain Australia Solutions, we are a valued member of the global blockchain community and are constantly adapting to the latest innovations in this technology.

We’ve developed an enterprise consultancy program that connects the dots in the blockchain and IoT space. We collaborate with relevant blockchain experts and personalise the experience to suit your business’s needs. We cover all the blockchain bases and equip you with the tools to learn and adopt enterprise blockchain solutions.

Our consultancy program can help you understand the options when it comes to enterprise blockchain conceptualisation and application and then begin the process of PoC and use case development.

Our enterprise consultancy service includes:

Use Case Development
Strategic Blockchain Advisory
Design & Development Of Blockchain Solutions
Token Development
Solution Deployment & Customer Success
Joint Ventures & Co-Creation

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