A cryptoprocessor that transfers funds from the customer’s wallet to vendor’s wallet – instantly.

Case STudy Ayera

With an existing art industry that’s accessible to just a handful of investors with large capital pools and industry connections, Ayera strives to bring a much-needed change built on the blockchain. An online marketplace for investors large and small that want to become a part of the exciting art ecosystem, Ayera is bringing inclusivity to the space through tokenisation.

Tokenisation is the creation of an IPO for a piece of art, which is then divided into shares. In the same way that investors can buy stocks in the share market, Ayera allows people to buy shares in a piece of art.



Bitlyra is the online marketplace running on digital currencies. Making up for those opportunities missed by eCommerce giants such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify, Bitlyra is bringing speed and transparency to the ever-expanding online shopping space thanks to blockchain-powered protocols.

Traditional online marketplaces are known to attract fraud; in a place where money is exchanged before goods are posted, it’s easy for risks to turn into reality. With Bitlyra, both buyers and sellers can enjoy the ease that comes with eliminating the intermediaries that connect them. So, trading online just became simpler.

Case STudy certainty

“Our mission is to bridge the vital link between research breakthroughs and their commercial application in the fields of medicine, devices and therapies—with Certainty.”

Certainty is a software platform that transforms the clinical trials process, developing it into an ecosystem of connected stakeholders and unified workflows. It’s time to pay attention to blockchain and its ability to change the world; this organisation is giving vital medical research organisations the power to break down barriers and improve their chances of successful (and potentially life-saving) product development.


Emerging on the crypto scene to address customer pain points related to time, costs and security, PayScript was built to enable merchants to start accepting cryptocurrencies on their website, POS and mobile apps. PayScript is set to disrupt the way consumers pay for goods and services, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.

Case STudy CanYa

CanYa provides a decentralised marketplace for the world; bringing the gig economy over to blockchain and making sure that freelancers aren’t chosen because of who they know, but because of what they know. With a focus on supporting self-starters to establish a consistent stream of income, while matching businesses with global talent, the marketplace is reacting to the changes in the way we work today.

With more and more remote freelancers enjoying the flexibility the gig-life brings – but not always enjoying the volatility of the market – CanYa connects them using blockchain technology for the security the industry has been missing.

CanYa describes itself as “a hybrid between an on-chain cryptocurrency payment layer using CanYa Coins, and a fast off-chain service that enables users to find and book services, and for service providers to list their skills and services.”

Case STudy Alphawallet

Alpha Wallet builds white-label crypto wallets for businesses and users, that are easy to customise and implement. Wallets are created on an open source network, so no third party dependency is necessary, and they’re backed by the cutting-edge, hardware grade security that was never possible before blockchain.

Crypto wallets are essential for the storing and transacting of cryptocurrencies, and as this area continues to revolutionise, more businesses and individuals are realising the importance of having their own multi-coin wallet. 

AlphaWallet offers this open source wallet that enables more people to capitalise on the benefits of blockchain – speed, transparency, security and affordability.

Accepted coins

PayScript continues to add more accepted coins to its offering, and soon retailers will be able to receive payment by at least 20 different cryptocoins.


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We help clients develop an idea into a fully functional product. By requesting a proof of concept (PoC), you can validate whether the chosen architecture serves your business needs, identify weaker aspects and find ways to improve them. With a proof of value (PoV), you can gain an understanding about whether blockchain is the right fit for your business, estimate risks and predict ROI. To get early feedback from end users and prove feasibility and relevance in the market, we’ll start by developing a minimum viable product (MVP) for you.

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