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CanYa is reinventing recruitment with the CanYa freelance marketplace

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The Challenge

These days, more and more workers are taking advantage of remote work, and enjoying the flexibility that the gig economy brings. But it’s not always smooth sailing, they’ve still got to factor in the volatility of the marketing.

The freelance marketplace is renowned for its inefficiencies and the potential for negative impacts on the growth of a freelancer’s career. Competition is fierce, with less experienced workers undercutting the marketing with marked-down rates, and the insidious threat of fraudulent activity bubbling away under the surface. 

For freelancers, the income isn’t always consistent, and late payments can threaten their livelihoods.

  • An inefficient system

    The growth of the gig economy drove competition, but inefficiencies in payments threatened the success of newcomers to the market.

  • The playing field needed to be improved

    It needed improved transparency, lower fees, safer contracts, more streamlined processes, and more fairness overall between employer and the freelancer.

  • The security of blockchain for the gig economy

    CanYa provides a decentralised marketplace, using blockchain technology to connect employers and freelancers, for the security the industry has been missing.

The Challenge

CanYa partnered with Blockchain Australia™ to build a product that would provide a safe, secure alternative in the rapidly expanding online gig economy. 

We worked with them to determine the pain points that freelancers faced, and worked from there to identify blockchain solutions that would streamline their process, and potentially eliminate some of these problems.

The Solution

CanYa is a smarter platform for the gig economy. It’s easy to sign up, and every member is reviewed and verified. 

Users are given a digital wallet which they load with CanYa’s native cryptocurrency, CanYa Coins. These can be used to securely send and receive between users. The introduction of smart contracts automates the payments, putting an end to the burden of late payments.

An open ecosystem of decentralised applications, CanYa doesn’t take a high commission like so many other online gig marketplaces. With fees as low as 1% (unheard of in this industry) and cross-border payments, the peer-to-peer platform is set to disrupt the $2 trillion global gig economy.

What Canya achieves

Its own native currency

CanYa coins can be spent on the platform or be converted to a variety of other currencies.

A streamlined process

Smart contracts simplify and automate the payment process, bringing stability to the freelance economy, and helping the industry to flourish.

More peace of mind

The immutable nature of blockchain means all freelancer and employer data remains secure, and can’t be altered for malicious reasons.

Interested in blockchain for your business?

The internet is an ever-growing platform that encompasses every part of our daily life. Blockchain is playing a huge role in transforming it.

Ralph Kalsi

Founder and CEO, Blockchain Australia ™