Providing secure opportunities and connections for businesses and freelancers – regardless of the size of their network.

Business Profile

CanYa provides a decentralised marketplace for the world; bringing the gig economy over to blockchain and making sure that freelancers aren’t chosen because of who they know, but because of what they know. With a focus on supporting self-starters to establish a consistent stream of income, while matching businesses with global talent, the marketplace is reacting to the changes in the way we work today.

With more and more remote freelancers enjoying the flexibility the gig-life brings – but not always enjoying the volatility of the market – CanYa connects them using blockchain technology for the security the industry has been missing.

CanYa describes itself as “a hybrid between an on-chain cryptocurrency payment layer using CanYa Coins, and a fast off-chain service that enables users to find and book services, and for service providers to list their skills and services.”

Business Scenario

It’s hard to say how many people identify as a freelancer around the world – but one thing we do know is that the number is rising. Content creators, digital marketers, graphic designers, data analysts and virtual assistants are setting their own schedule and becoming their own boss. Sounds great – but it’s not without its pitfalls.

The freelance marketplace is renowned for its inefficiencies and negative impacts on the growth of a freelancer’s career. Competition is fierce, with less experienced professionals offering marked-down rates that undercut the market. Income isn’t always consistent, and late payments threaten livelihoods.

Technology is making it easier for freelancers to work from wherever they want, but it had to be improved. What the gig economy needed was more transparency, lower fees, safer contracts, more streamlined processes and more fairness overall between the employer and the freelancer.

CanYa provides a blockchain-powered marketplace that delivers all this, while giving freelancers the opportunity to tap into a network much larger than their own.

The Solution

Connecting with Blockchain Australia Solutions, CanYa began to create solutions through the launch of a smarter platform – and a smarter boost for the gig economy.

Signing up is easy; professionals and employers alike can make an account and become part of a trusted community of users and providers. Every member has been reviewed and verified, and rated by the chain of users on the quality of their work.
An open ecosystem of decentralised applications, CanYa doesn’t take a high commission like so many traditional marketplaces. With fees as low as 1% (unheard of in this industry) and cross-border payments, the peer-to-peer platform is here to disrupt the $2 trillion global gig economy.
The difference is in the security. Users are given a digital wallet which they load with CanYa Coins when they want to pay someone, and can earn CanYa coins when they complete a job to satisfaction. There are no transaction limits, so people can work or hire as much as they need to. The introduction of smart contracts automates terms once placed on the blockchain, putting an end to the issue of late payments

The Process

Join CanYa as a client. You’ll need a Binance Chain (BEP2) wallet address, and will be verified and approved before you can get started.
Post a request and choose from CanYa’s pool of verified talent in your industry.

Agree on the terms of the task with your chosen provider and pay into the CanYa escrow, where your fees will be secured from price volatility.

When you’re satisfied that the job is complete, release payments and leave a review for the freelancer.

Key Features

  • Transparent processes
  • Decentralised system
  • Public chain to verify reviews
  • Automatic transfer of funds
  • 1% fees
  • Global marketplace
  • Easy to set up
  • Streamlined processes

Business Benefits

  • Providers get access to a decentralised marketplace that rewards skilled freelancers with more exposure.
  • CanYa coins can be spent on the platform or be converted to a variety of other currencies.
  • Users can find local and international talent and get started on their job instantly.
  • Peace-of-mind that providers have the experience and skills they claim to – so employers can count on high quality work.
  • Smart contracts bring trust to the freelance economy, helping the industry to flourish.

Access to a global talent pool

CanYa provides instant access to an expansive pool of talent in a range of industries, bringing efficiency to enable employers to get the job done faster.

  • Content creators
  • Software developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Creatives
  • Financial experts
  • Marketing & SEO professionals
  • Virtual assistants

About Blockchain Australia Solutions

Blockchain Australia Solutions is a technology company that provides consulting and enterprise solutions built on blockchain platforms for corporate, enterprise and ASX businesses. Founded in 2017 as an early advocate and pioneer for the technology, we currently have offices across 4 Australian states, with over 5 years of blockchain experience.

We help clients develop an idea into a fully functional product. By requesting a proof of concept (PoC), you can validate whether the chosen architecture serves your business needs, identify weaker aspects and find ways to improve them. With a proof of value (PoV), you can gain an understanding about whether blockchain is the right fit for your business, estimate risks and predict ROI. To get early feedback from end users and prove feasibility and relevance in the market, we’ll start by developing a minimum viable product (MVP) for you.

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