Online Blockchain Courses

Blockchain technology is evolving rapidly. Blockchain training can ensure your business keeps up.

Did you know that blockchain goes far beyond cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? In fact, its potential is overwhelming and it is truly transforming a number of industries, from banking to security to the public sector and more. Understanding how the technology works and discovering ways you can harness its power to improve your services and business process could put you miles ahead of the competition.


With online blockchain courses from recognised organisations, you can deep-dive into the technology at your own pace. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve already started your blockchain journey, Blockchain Australia can get you up to speed.

Blockchain training made simple

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology from the experts. If you’re feeling tired and confused by the mass of information out there, it’s time to focus on a blockchain self-paced course. Designed by Blockchain Collective to empower students, educators and enterprises to harness innovative processes, this course could transform the way you work.


Choose a blockchain self-paced course and fit your training around your current business, job or education. This online learning experience is delivered in digestible chunks, breaking down even the most complex aspects of blockchain. You will work through a case study to gain a clear understanding of how blockchain is applied in the real world, and will also get written feedback on your assessment tasks to help you improve.


Our online blockchain courses cover:

  • How organisations can apply blockchain technologies to disrupt current models and create valuable opportunities
  • How organisations can apply the Tenets of Blockchain to develop a disruptive business model
  • How organisations can develop a Functional Requirements Specification to educate the wider team about how to roll-out the new processes
  • How to analyse the performance of a blockchain system in order to put the business model into effect in the real world
  • The Governance and Stewardship involved in a blockchain ecosystem

Whatever sector you’re interested in, blockchain training from Blockchain Collective ensures you’re able to determine ways to apply the technology. Blockchain is most commonly known to disrupt industries such as banking, real estate, healthcare and legal, though it’s more recently expanded across a variety of additional sectors.


Been thinking about taking Bitcoin courses? Start here first. Our online blockchain courses are ideal for individuals and organisations at all stages of understanding. Whether you’re new to blockchain and want to get a grasp of the fundamentals, you’re searching for ways to transfer the technology to your business or you’re ready to explore even deeper, you’ll find the course for you. If you’re ever stuck or require further support, our blockchain consulting services give you access to a team of Australia-based experts.

Blockchain Australia is passionate about helping businesses find new ways to harness this innovative technology. With unlimited potential and the opportunity to disrupt entire industries and business processes, discover how you could take over your competition. Call our team today to find out more.

What does the blockchain course entail?

We understand that everyone learns differently. Our online blockchain courses follow a proven structure that enables students to work at their own pace and get a clear understanding of the technology through a number of learning methods, which include:

  • Flexible delivery methods
  • The use of a leading learning platform
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Access to real-life case studies
  • Written feedback on practical assessments
  • Ongoing email support from experts

Why should you take a blockchain self-paced course?

Blockchain is disrupting industries and bringing an element of security to transactions like we’ve never seen before. Right now, we’re seeing the focus shift from theoretical learnings to the discovery of practical applications. In short, most industries are heading towards the use of blockchain technology and to remain at the forefront of your industry, it’s vital that you know how to apply it.

Here are some reasons to take the next step into blockchain training:

Advance your career prospects

Trained blockchain professionals can tap into more markets and an increased number of job opportunities. The knowledge of practical blockchain applications generally leads to increased salaries, and as blockchain becomes more mainstream, we can expect even more careers to open up to those clued up on the technology.

Demand for blockchain continues to grow

Still in its early stages, blockchain’s demand in the market continues to grow year-on-year. With no signs of slowing down, getting a grasp on this technology now sets you up for future success. Whether you want to improve your career prospects or the way your business works, online blockchain courses can set the foundations and more.

Increased security

It’s impossible for hackers to access information distributed through blockchain, thanks to the technology’s cryptographic system. All digital information is verified and recorded using the decentralised ledger, so your business’ transactions can be securely carried out.

Disrupt your business processes

Blockchain has changed the idea that a centralised authority is necessary to control all operations. The concept of a peer-to-peer network opens up disruption opportunities in the chain of processes for all industries – providing more efficient, secure and automated processes for your organisation.

Integrate blockchain with your current processes

Blockchain provides a universal infrastructure, and has the flexibility to integrate with a variety of other technologies. This gives companies greater control over the level of change they want to undergo. That means you can keep the technologies that are currently working for your business, but seamlessly integrate blockchain to improve them.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology

Blockchain is widely regarded as the pivotal technology that is defining this era. Soon, it’s expected to become a widely accepted technology, in a similar way that the internet now is. With an influx of new career opportunities expected to open, don’t be left behind.




Frequently Asked Questions

Which certification is best for blockchain?

Blockchain is taking the world by storm, which is why it’s best to enrol in an online course where you’ll gain a certification, rather than just researching online. The best certification for you depends on where your knowledge currently lies, but we recommend online courses from Blockchain Collective, which lead to an Advanced Diploma of Blockchain. They’re ideal for beginners and those wanting to discover real-world applications for the technology, in a digestible, self-paced format.

What are blockchain courses?

Blockchain courses offer a structured way to learn about blockchain technology. They’re designed to help businesses and individuals understand the benefits of blockchain and find ways to integrate it into their processes, to improve productivity and security. Online blockchain courses are run by experts who have sophisticated insights and can deliver information in a number of formats, such as through videos, assessments and case studies.

Is there any blockchain certification?

You can become a blockchain expert with blockchain training from recognised organisations. There are a number of blockchain certifications available, which help professionals understand the technology and build applications for their business. A blockchain certification could help you find new career opportunities at increased salaries – and most can be found and earned through online courses.

What should I learn to be a blockchain developer?

Becoming a blockchain developer means you could have insights to this revolutionary technology before most of the world catches on. To become an expert in the development of blockchains, you’ll need to choose which division you want to specialise in; designing the security and architecture of systems, or using the architecture to build apps and software. You’ll need to take in-depth courses to learn programming and development, so you can develop both theoretical and practical skills.

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