Blockchain Development

One primary attraction to Blockchain technology is its ability to self-verify all processes that take place within it. The community verifies processes, not one separate third-party decision maker. Every node - or "block" - makes an update independently so the entire network arrives at a conclusion. That way, the most agreed-upon record becomes the permanent, verifiable record that is safe from corruption.

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ICO Development Company

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the starting point in which cryptocurrency startups can raise funds. Startups use ICO to attract attention from potential investors or venture capitalists. ICO is involved throughout the entire process - from initial inception of a whitepaper to a successfully running campaign.

One Stop Media helps you to create a customised ICO for your startup venture, which is completely tailored to your individual needs and vision. From establishing a pre-ICO to begin to raise funds, to the ongoing running of the campaign to help ensure your venture is successful, we're with you for every step.

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ICO Development Structure

Mechanism of ICO

Startups need a fail-proof ICO campaign to launch the raising of funds for their upcoming project. This begins with the preparation of a business plan that details the project summary, purpose of project, launch date, the benefits for any investors, total target sum and the duration of the project.

Once the business plan is complete, the campaign can begin. Crypto coins, or "tokens" are sold to potential investors who have demonstrated interest and support in your coin. This is how you increase your funds for this venture. The campaign then runs until the target amount has been reached by potential investors.

ICO Mechanism

ICO Development Process

Brainstorming idea icon Brainstorming an idea
Landing Page icon Conduct research on landing page
Create white paper icon Create white-paper
ICO release and marketing ICO release and marketing

Blockchain Development Services Included

Digital Coin Exchange

This is the place for traders to make swift transactions. The technology allows for parties to buy and sell cutting-edge digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Coin Exchange icon

Design of Wallet

Multi-cryptocurrency transactions can be supported by an all-in-one crypto wallet. Transactions are fast, easy and direct.

Wallet Design icon

Assists Cryptocoin Mining

Having a hardware cryptocurrency miner already makes the process easier. Now, you can process just verified transactions or blockchain processes.

Cryptocoin Mining Icon

Develop New Coin

Develop your very own crypto coin with predominant survivability and with the minimum number of parameter changes.

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Unified API

It's possible to widen the market in which you can deliver blockchain-based products to. Increase revenue, eliminate chargebacks and open up the geographical areas you can generate payments from.

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Smart Contract Tool

Create smart contracts that have the clauses written into lines of code. This eliminates the need for an authorised administrator.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital or virtual currency that is secure because it uses cryptography. That security is what makes it so appealing. With no need for a centralised authority, it's protected from government invasions and corruption.

Popular digital currencies include:
  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Litecoin
  5. Zcash
  6. NEM
Popular digital Currencies

Industries that Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology for Finance

Financial service firms and insurers should invest in Blockchain technology. This move reduces transaction costs among all participants in the economy. The technology also supports models of peer-to-peer mass collaboration.

Blockchain Finance icon

Blockchain Technology for Healthcare

The healthcare industry can benefit from Blockchain technology because it allows for automatic tracking of all transactions that occur between drug manufacturers, pharmacists, wholesalers and patients. The healthcare industry will be able to verify and secure all information about drug products, and health records can be authenticated with ease.

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Blockchain Technology for Banks

The banking sector can take advantage of Blockchain technology to allow for intra-bank cross-border transfers, as well as corporate payments. Blockchain will also afford lower costs, quicker settlements, fewer errors and new revenue opportunities.

Blockchain for banks icon

Blockchain Technology for Real Estate

Real estate businesses can use Blockchain technology to easily and quickly connect buyers with sellers. Blockchain enables new trading platforms and online marketplaces so real estate transactions can be performed more comprehensively. There will be no need for intermediates like lawyers, brokers and banks.

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Cryptocurrency wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

An online wallet is required for all cryptocurrency transactions. This cryptocurrency wallet works in a similar way to a regular bank, in that you can use it for exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies in a secure way.

One Stop Media has a high level of expertise in developing a cryptocurrency wallet so you can exchange popular digital currencies.