The 21st century demands a better, safer and more transparent way to trade online. Bitlyra is the marketplace delivering just that.

Business Profile

Bitlyra is the online marketplace running on digital currencies. Making up for those opportunities missed by eCommerce giants such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify, Bitlyra is bringing speed and transparency to the ever-expanding online shopping space thanks to blockchain-powered protocols.

Traditional online marketplaces are known to attract fraud; in a place where money is exchanged before goods are posted, it’s easy for risks to turn into reality. With Bitlyra, both buyers and sellers can enjoy the ease that comes with eliminating the intermediaries that connect them. So, trading online just became simpler.

Business Scenario

Trading with a stranger on the internet – whether it’s old video games, the latest vacuum or homemade earrings – brings its challenges. Users often have to pay high fees or commission to the platform, can potentially have their data stolen and could be the victim of a scam. Essentially, the trading platforms become something of a “black box” functioning as a third party between buyers and sellers.

25% of global online marketplace users are concerned about the lack of transparency, and 32% are worried about protection of consumer data. Of course, with no hints of brick-and-mortar stores making a comeback, eCommerce needed to change the way it was doing business. Bitlyra is the industry’s solution – providing a global online marketplace running on digital currency and bitcoin, that demands just 1% fees for sellers.

The modern-day solution to eBay, Bitlyra enables users to easily set up their own online store, reach a new audience and get paid in cryptocurrency.

The Solution

Bitlyra partnered with Australian Blockchain Solutions to build a product that would meet the evolving demands of online traders.

Users can buy and sell products using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum. In order to protect users’ digital assets, funds are stored in secure offline storage, and all cryptocurrency stored on the server is covered by comprehensive insurance.

At just 1%, Bitlyra requires the lowest fees of any online marketplace, while delivering superior buyer protection, zero fake reviews and a money-back feature thanks to an iron-clad built-in escrow service. It’s this peace-of-mind and inclusivity that puts Bitlyra as a leader and early adopter in the worldwide digital currency marketplace. Humans may have been trading since the beginning of time, but the future is decentralisation.

The Process


Buyers and sellers sign up to Bitlyra online marketplace.


Seller uploads the details of the item they want to sell and waits for incoming bids from potential buyers.


Bidding price must cover cost, shipping and escrow. The seller accepts a bid, and the buyer pays for this using a smart contract.


When both parties’ funds are locked in the escrow, the seller ships it and provides tracking details.

Key Features

  • Transparent transactions
  • Decentralised system
  • Streamlined processes to transfer funds and products
  • Secure & reliable
  • Lowest fees on the market
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple search features
  • Secure escrow and dispute resolution

Business Benefits

  • The buying and selling process operates on a decentralised platform, with no intermediaries needed.
  • 1% fees for sellers – lower than anywhere else.
  • Payments are instant, secure and transparent.
  • Fraud is eliminated and personal data protected.
  • Unbreakable and automatically executed smart contracts are used.

Accepted coins

Bitlyra accepts the following crypto coins as payment, and expects to expand this to open more opportunities to buyers and sellers.


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