The automotive industry has already been subject to significant blockchain innovation. Blockchain can fill the gap in the automotive market that has been left by the lack of e-commerce development.


The security of blockchain’s shared ledger also an extra layer of protection against hackers and cyber threats. With the future of the automotive industry firmly rooted in the emergence of driverless cars, the need for greater security has never been greater. Blockchain Australia can assist in introducing a decentralised database that is cost-effective and versatile.

Connected Cars

Vehicles are connected to external data centres such as the weather, traffic and location. The innovation of connected cars enables automobiles to initiate and sustain communications from IoT devices. Connected cars and blockchain technology are intertwined as they both represent the automotive of the future.


Blockchain systems are inherently secure due to its decentralised ledger. Once data is entered into a blockchain system, it’s virtually impossible for that data to be tampered with without a private key authentication. This level of security is vital in the next generation of connected cars, as an increase in connectivity to IoT devices means an increase in the data being shared and stored in vehicles.


An advantage to blockchain technology is the speed of its execution. As the whole system is decentralised, computer clusters are able to process transactions simultaneously. This speed and efficiency are what powers connected cars. Potentially critical lapses in data are avoided and the system as a whole has the infrastructure to function.


Blockchain technology is naturally more cost-effective than alternative forms of software. Blockchain’s decentralised ledger means there is no one entity carrying for the burden of maintenance expenses. It also eradicates the need for backup servers, remote storage and data protection means.




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